This portable Cobb BBQ is your dream camping cooker

The smell of barbecued food wafting over on a summer breeze, there’s nothing like it. It brings on instant hunger pangs and, if it’s not coming from your own back garden, instant pangs of food envy. Keep this summer free of barbecue fomo – bring home a Cobb Premier Charcoal BBQ Grill.

Cobb BBQs are designed to give people a way to bring the virtues of an indoor oven into the great outdoors. They’re versatile, portable and perfect for any outdoor cooking occasion.

So, whether you’re planning a garden party, a camping trip or just enjoying a weekend at home, fire up your Cobb BBQ system and you’ll find your culinary imagination lighting up too.

Home cooking with the Cobb outdoor BBQ

On a long summer weekend, there are loads of treat-yourself meals the Cobb grill can conjure. It’s not all burgers and bangers. Spark up the grill on a sunny morning and create a smoky full English breakfast like no other. Bacon – check. Mushrooms – check. Break a few eggs in, grill some tomatoes and you’re there!

The base of the BBQ is designed to say super-cool, even after long use. So, you can keep the coals smouldering all day with no risk of damaging the surface you’re cooking on.

Bring a sizzling twist to your usual Sunday lunches, too. Whether you’re having salmon, chicken or lamb, the Cobb Premier BBQ can help deliver tender juicy results. The cooking surface is surrounded by an integral moat which, filled with seasoned stock or wine, will infuse your food with flavour.

You’ll also be serving up healthier meals, as the convex cooking surface drains fat away from your food and into this moat. Or you can use the especially designed Cobb Fat Drainer Griddle, which gives you the added bonus of beautiful grill marks. Lighter meals with a hefty flavour punch and Instagram appeal, perfect for summer!

Hot BBQ tip: For a flavour kick…

…add sauce! We know it can be hard to see beyond ketchup and mayo, but reach beyond these classics and you’ll find some serious flavour infusion. The Black Garlic Ketchup from Hawkshead is always a best seller. Or if you want to hot things up a little, then we’ve got plenty of hot sauces to sample.

Camping with the portable Cobb BBQ

The Cobb BBQ is many things, but it’s certainly not an anchor. You can set out on camping weekends and holiday adventures, and the compact grill will stow away with you. It’s compact, light and easy to set up just about anywhere you plan to get grilling.

Not only does the domed lid help to lock in moisture and flavour, but it also acts as a  shield. Even on windy hillsides and breezy beaches, you can keep cooking without having to worry about things fizzling out.

You can use ordinary charcoal briquettes or take our advice and use Cobble Fuel Stones. This quick-lighting, long-burning fuel produces less smoke and more cook time They stay hot for up to 2 hours, putting an end to undercooked sausage anxieties.

If you’re heading outdoors for a day of alfresco feasting, make sure you’re properly prepared. Get your barbequing tools and accessories ready and check out our BBQ checklist before you set off. As well as having tongs and spatulas at the ready, make sure you’re travelling with a big enough cool bag for all your supplies. No one wants a limp salad or lukewarm cola.

Hot tip: For perfect presentation…

…use our beautiful Summer Meadow collection. We’ve got plates, platters, bowls and napkins – all ready to add a touch of floral finery to your outdoor dining. They’re light, durable and reusable, so you can enjoy them season after season.

Hosting a party with homemade pizza

When it comes to hosting a party with friends, you’ll need to plan a few events – because people are going to ask to come back! Once you’ve blown your guests away with barbequed delights and home grilled goods, it’ll be time for something new.

If you didn’t know that the Cobb Premier BBQ Grill can also cook pizza, we bet you’re really impressed now. You can slot a Cobb Cordierite Pizza Stone on top of the grill and in just 15 minutes it’ll be hot enough to start baking. Let your pizza crisp up for another 15 minutes and enjoy a hot fresh slice in the sun.

For the more impatient and passionate pizza lovers, we’d also recommend Ooni outdoor ovens. These portable beauties will turn out a slice in only 60 seconds! Choose between the bestselling multi-fuel Ooni Karu, the brand new wood-fired Fyra oven, and the sleek and stylish gas-powered Koda.

The Cobb ‘Anywhere but the kitchen’ cookbook is full of savoury and sweet recipes to explore. You’ll be amazed at just how versatile your Cobb is. So, wherever you find yourself this summer, make sure the Cobb Premier Charcoal Barbecue Grill is by your side. Enjoy sizzling sausages, juicy burgers and much more. Happy barbequing!