Laundry accessories

From peg bags to laundry baskets, our must-have drying accessories

Laundry revolutions come in all shapes and sizes; it’s not all about switching up the big stuff, like irons and heated dryers. There are loads of ways to optimise your drying routines with handy accessories and supplies. Get introduced to the everyday items you didn’t know you needed – now you’ve found them, you won’t be able to go without.

Outdoor clothes drying essentials

We’re ready for the good drying days! Whatever outdoors means to you – a garden, your backyard or balcony or just an open window – we’ve got the drying solutions to match. The laundry accessories here are ready to welcome in the spring. Have a look at our range of rotary dryers and leave the tired old washing lines behind.

Clothes pegs and peg baskets

Don’t skim on the essentials. Poor quality pegs can leave marks on your fabrics or even damage your clothes. Treat your laundry with care at every stage of the wash, from gentle detergents to cushioned clothes pegs.

Our Soft Grip Pegs are designed with a gentle grip to protect the fabric whilst keeping a firm hold. But soft doesn’t mean weak – our cushion grip pegs hold tight to your laundry and the line. You won’t come back to find clothes bunched together or draped over your garden hedges. They’re even strong enough to handle a few nights out in the rain. The rust proof springs keeps them on firm form – they’re truly built for laundry longevity.

Of course, if you’ve got a funky peg bag then you won’t need to worry about any pegs being left out overnight. Swing a messenger style bag over your shoulder and you’ll be able to carry a whole line’s worth of pegs into the sunshine. You’ll get everything hung out in no time!

Or, if you want a more permanent accessory, check out our peg caddies. These bags and baskets can be clipped directly onto the line so you’ll always find pegs where you need them.

Laundry baskets

It’s not just a question of aesthetics, a good laundry basket will reduce the time and stress of your drying routine. When weighing up the different designs, we know that portability is the winning feature.

Our Lakeland Collapsible Laundry Basket is packed with clever features, like large comfort-grip handles, to make transporting big loads of wet laundry a doddle.

In it’s full extended might, this Collapsible Laundry Basket can hold a generous 25 litres of washing. Collapsed down, it’s just 7cm deep and can easily be tucked away between laundry days.

For anyone who isn’t able (or willing) to lug a heavy basket around, then the Lakeland Laundry Basket Trolley will save your day – and your back! This tall basket means less bending down, while the wheels make getting to the clothesline smooth sailing. You’ll really feel the value of this with heavy wet towels, or awkward bulky things like duvets.

Ironing board covers

Ok, this one might sound like it’s been thrown in just for fun, but a nicely dressed ironing board means you’re much more likely to get the job done. Give the chore some charm!

Our ironing board covers are 100% cotton and have a scorch-resistant coating, so the patten and colours will keep and keep. Backed with foam and a felt underlay, your clothes will be protected and cushioned as your iron.

So, whether you’re trying to brighten your own laundry day, or entice someone else into giving you a hand, these accessories will help. Get ready for outdoor drying and the joys of summer.