Why air fryers are worth their weight in gold

Why air fryers are worth their weight in golden crispy meals.

They’re the kitchen gadget of the moment, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. Economic cooking, healthier options and delicious results mean that air fryers really are worth their weight in golden crispy meals.

But if you’re still wondering if buying an air fryer is worth it, then let us help you kickstart your product research. We’ve put together this quick guide to help you weigh up the benefits and see for yourself if air fryers live up to the hype.

Perhaps their popularity is inevitable, as they cook family favourites faster and with less oil and mess.

How does an air fryer work?

Before you jump in, let’s cover the basics. You need to know a bit about how an air fryer works to fully understand its value. What an air fryer is, isn’t so much a fryer as a mini convection oven. Air fryers work by whipping hot air around the food, creating crispy exteriors and hot meals in record time.

When you think about it, their popularity was inevitable – cooking family favourites faster and with less oil and mess is a recipe for success! Over the last few years too, we’ve seen some exciting developments in the technology and cooking capacity of air fryers. Large air fryers are bringing this low-cost option to bigger households and dinner parties, while digital air fryers mean the cooking method is more accessible and easier than ever. Keep watching this space!

What are the benefits of getting an air fryer?

There are almost too many benefits to mention! But we’ll try our best to show you all that they can offer. From easy cooking and simple clean ups (the drawers are dishwasher safe, you know), to offering an easy way to reduce the calories and fat content of your diet. These kitchen gadgets are a nothing short of a lifestyle upgrade.

Air fryers require less oil, meaning healthier cooking

Air fryers offer a healthier cooking method compared to traditional pan frying or using a deep fryer. Your guilty pleasures come out golden brown, delicious and not so sinful, as they require little or no oil.

Lakeland Air Fryer with text "Join the hot air revolution. Shop all Air Fryers"

Cooking with an air fryer is an easy way to create lighter and healthier options for meals. They shave calories off family favourites like chips and reduce the amount of olive oil needed for trays of roasted vegetables to next to nothing!

If you’re looking to reduce your intake of oily foods or create healthier meals for your family, then an air fryer can offer you a lot. Having an air fryer can also support you to explore more recipes, as we’ll look at later on. Everything from homemade chips and chicken wings to Victoria sponge cake can be rustled up quickly and easily.

Pro tip: Consider your cooking needs

Before you make a purchase, think about who and what you’ll be serving. If you’re cooking for a family, a larger capacity air fryer might be best. Our range includes larger models with dual air fryer baskets, making a great replacement for traditional ovens.

Our recommendation: Lakeland Adjustable Large Drawer Air Fryer

Roast dinner with carrots, veg and pork joint being cooked in an air fryer

This is one of the most in demand air fryers of 2024. Our large air fryer can switch from dual to single drawer, offering cooking versatility for rounded air fried meals!

Our recommendation: Lakeland Dual Air Fryer

This is one of our favourite air fryers. With 8 pre-set programmes and 9 litre capacity, this large air fryer won’t leave anyone going hungry.

Do air fryers actually save money on your utility bills?

Air fryers can cook food much more quickly than your oven. Heating up the air necessary to fry your food takes less energy than heating a traditional oven – fast food just got faster.

There are lots of inspiring cost-saving air frying success stories, for anyone who still needs convincing. If you’re wondering about the cheapest way to cook, you’ll also find stories of reduced food waste and of families waving goodbye to the takeaway dinner – those kinds of savings add up!

Reduced cooking time means a reduction in your energy bills, too. While household budgets are being squeezed, air fryers offer a way to keep up the usual meal plans without upping the costs. Now really is a good time to buy an air fryer.

Pro tip: For a cheaper way to cook, check the wattage

Higher wattage air fryers are more powerful so, whilst the food cooks quickly, they use more electricity. Think about your budget and research the running costs of different gadgets to find one that suits you.

Our recommendation: Lakeland Digital Compact Air Fryer

At 1,200 watts, this neat little air fryer is brilliant for quick and energy-efficient meals. It’s really easy to use, so you’ll soon be taking advantage of all the pre-programmed functions.

Air-fryers can be energy efficient and environmentally

As well as slimming down your waistline and your bills, an air fryer can also tackle your carbon footprint.

The fact that they use less energy than other frying techniques is just one reason for their greener reputation. Air fryers also produce less waste as they don’t require the use of disposable cooking oils or other harmful chemicals.

They’re also easier to clean, which means less hot water and a lighter dishwasher load at the end of your meal.

Pro tip: Read the reviews

People are drawn to air fryers for many different reasons. Make sure that the air fryer you buy is going to tick your boxes, whether that’s energy efficiency or making the most succulent scampi.

Our recommendation: Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer

Actions speak louder than words and our customers are neglecting their ovens after purchasing this versatile double basket fryer!

Can air fryers go in the dishwasher?

Air fryers are a pretty low maintenance appliance. Most models come with a non-stick basket that can be removed and cleaned easily. Check out our cleaning guide and you’ll see just how straightforward air fryer maintenance is.

Unlike deep frying, air fryers don’t develop a sticky greasy coating and can be wiped down with just a damp cloth.

So, there’s no catch when it comes to washing up. Your hassle-free meal comes with an equally low effort clean afterwards!

Pro tip: Follow the safety instructions

Air fryers can get seriously hot, so make sure you read and follow all safety instructions included with your appliance. Don’t start cleaning or dissembling your device until it’s cooled down. Go and enjoy your meal, come back for the washing up later.

Our recommendation: Lakeland Digital Crisp Air Fryer

This model uses simple digital touchscreen controls and comes with instructions to help get you started.

Air-fryers are versatile enough for mealtime variety

Air fryers are deliciously versatile. They can cook a wide variety of foods and have inspired a whole new wave of delicious recipes.

Yes, you can do the crowd pleasers like chicken wings and crispy baked potatoes, but there’s so much more. How about a side of fried rice, roasted veggies or just go all out and roast a whole chicken!

Your air fryer even has room for dessert, so we hope you do too! You can bake brownies and cakes or try air fried donuts and pancakes. Some of the best foods to make in an air fryer are the sweet options!

Air fryers are a great way to fall back in love with cooking and become the toast of your dinner party.

Our recommendation: Ninja foodi max

The other cooking need you should consider is your menu, what you think you’ll be using your air fryer for. If you’re looking to cook a specific type of food, then the best air fryer for you will have a good range of pre-set programs.

Our recommendation: Cuisinart Air Fryer Mini Oven

Most electric ovens use between 2,000 and 5,000 watts, but this oven-style air fryer uses just 1,800. It’s a much more efficient way to bake, roast and air fry your food.

Our recommendation: Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer

Each non-stick basket contains a crisper plate that holds the food. Both of these frontline air fryer prats are dishwasher safe for a clean-up that’s as quick as the cooking.

Do I need air fryer inserts and accessories?

air fryer with silicone air fryer accessories food baskets

Some air fryers come with accessories like baking pans or cooking racks. These can expand the range of foods you can prepare. You can review these add-ons alongside our air fryers.

Find air fryer accessories to match your cooking ambitions. There are loads of extras and inserts to help you achieve crispier skins, succulent mouthfuls and even cleaner baskets post-cooking.

Our recommendation: Lakeland Oblong Silicone Air Fryer Basket

Oblong shape or a more classic round mould, these basket additions make whisking food in and out of the air fryer easy. Plus, the heat resistance means you can use them in your oven, and then pop your leftovers straight into your fridge, or freezer.

Our recommendation: Lakeland Air Fryer Silicone Brownie Moulds

This versatile accessory is great for quickly rustling up a batch of tasty treats. No more having to clean your air fryer out every time you use it, this mould will protect your fryer during baking.

Does air fryer food actually taste good?

At the end of the day, we can make as much noise about the cooking technique as we like, but if the food doesn’t come out the air fryer tasting good, then how can they be worth it? Fortunately, the proof really is in the pudding – and main, and starter – with this gadget.

It’s the crispy, tender texture the air fryer creates. Whatever the occasion, whatever the recipe, your air fried contributions are guaranteed to steal the show.

We’ve got the perfect air fryer recipes to start you off. we’re serving up the insider scoop, sharing the most popular and straightforward air fryer recipes for you to try out at home. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results.

Are air fryers worth it?

Now that we’ve explored the ins and outs of these versatile kitchen appliances, we hope it’s becoming clear that they offer more than just convenience. Air frying your food is a revolution in the way we approach cooking.

While they cut down our need for oil and our cooking times, the best air fryers also expand our weeknight dinners and last-minute lunch options. Quick and easy cooking is what many of our modern lifestyles call for, so no wonder they’ve been welcomed into so many kitchens!

With every crispy bite and every succulent dish, air fryers prove that they are indeed worth their weight in gold. So go ahead, take the plunge, and let the magic of the air fryer elevate your cooking game.