Juicy chicken wings

  • Serves : 2
  • Difficulty level : Easy
  • Type : Dinner

If you’re a wing lover, then air fryer chicken wings are a must-try. These tender, peppery, fried chicken pieces are super easy to make in the air fryer. Get your favourite sauces lined up and let’s go


  • 1 lb chicken wings 
  • 1 tbsp oil 
  • 1 tsp salt 
  • 1 tsp  garlic powder 
  • 1 tsp chilli powder 
  • 1 tsp  smoked paprika 
  • A generous grind of black pepper 
  • Optional 2 tbsp of your favourite wing sauce 


  1. Pat down your chicken pieces with a paper towel to dry them.
  2. In a large bowl, add the wings and sprinkle over the seasoning. Toss to combine.
  3. Place the chicken in the air frying basket, spacing each wing out evenly.
  4. Air fry at 200°C for 18 minutes. Shake the basket once or twice during cooking so that everything cooks evenly.
  5. Pop your crispy chicken wings out the air fryer. Coat with sauce or enjoy just as they are!