How to keep your oven cleaner for longer

You’ve just given the kitchen a once-over and it’s looking sparkling clean. Then you catch sight of the one thing you’ve been avoiding for months – the oven. Don’t panic! If the thought of cleaning your oven fills you with dread, you’ve come to the right place. From accomplishing a deep clean quickly and effortlessly to preventing spills, grease and burnt-on mess, we’ve gathered our tips to keep your oven cleaner for longer. 

Soak it all in

Oven racks and grills aren’t the easiest to clean. Grime is prone to getting trapped in between the narrow bars – not to mention the size of them often means they can’t fit in your sink to soak properly. That’s where the Oven Mate Cleaning Gel comes in. With a special cleaning formula designed especially for your racks and grills, you simply pop them into the bag provided, leave them to soak and come back to find the tough grease, burnt-on grime and soot rinses away. Check out our full range of Oven Mate accessories to keep every inch of your oven, inside and out, looking its gleaming best.

Window of opportunity

Struggling to keep an eye on your cooking through a dirty oven door? Then you need Hob Heaven. Not only does it keep your ceramic or induction hob squeaky clean, it doubles up as an effective cleaner for your oven door – so rather than scrubbing endlessly with a scourer and risk scratching the glass, carefully lift away any tough burnt-on mess or grease with the specialist Hob Heaven Scraper and then use the lemon-scented cleaner to restore the shine.

The ultimate line-up

Cleaning the floor of your oven is time-consuming, messy and, let’s face it, one of the household chores we hate the most. No one wants to spend hours scrubbing spills or baked-on food with harsh chemicals. Instead, try completely covering your oven floor and preventing any mess before it happens. Our bestselling Magic Oven Liners come to the rescue, with their thick layer of non-stick to help even the toughest of spills wipe off easily, with no scrubbing required.

It’s in the bag

The most effective way of preventing any unwanted spills? Cook your meat, fish or veg in a roasting bag  or use the Wrap & Roast Roll – not only will this seal in all of the delicious flavour and seasoning for ultra-tasty meals, it also means there won’t be any splatters escaping onto the surrounding oven walls. It’s a win-win!

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