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Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Bundle

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House Mate Stainless Steel Clean & Polish Spray 400ml

House Mate Stainless Steel Clean & Polish Spray 400ml

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Oven Mate Oven Cleaners

Cleaning the oven isn't the nicest household chore, but it's so much quicker and easier if you've got the right oven cleaner for the job, and that’s where award-winning Oven Mate can help.

In most homes the oven is turned on at least once a day, and little splashes and spills can turn into built-up grease and grime that is sometimes tricky to shift. Even worse is the burnt-on black stuff! Find the right oven cleaner and your cooker will be restored to its former glory without the cleaning becoming a day-long event.

What you need is a serious oven cleaner that's as good as a professional formula, and which gives fantastic results with no scrubbing and without fumes or overpowering chemical smells. Our powerful Oven Mate Gel is as good as a commercial oven cleaner, is safe and gives a deep clean to shift baked-on fat and oil. It's great for racks and glass doors too.

Once you've got your cooker gleaming again, keep it that way in between deep cleans with regular TLC using Oven Mate daily oven cleaner spray. Finish with a quick buff of your hob and cooker hood and it'll stay sparkling much longer.

Not content with ovens, Oven Mate have turned their hand to microwaves, creating heat activated microwave cleaning cloths that will ensure your microwave is as clean as your oven!