Everything you need to know about soup

We’re big fans of soup, in any form and on any occasion. Autumn, winter, healthy, creamy, if it’s in a bowl, we’re eating it. While there’s an abundance of soup recipes and cooking methods to choose from, it’s worth remembering that the beauty of this food lies in its simplicity and convenience. We’ve given a few key tips to help you make hearty bowls of soup in in no time at all.

Simple steps
Traditionally, soup requires the cooking of solid ingredients and the addition of a liquid base, which is then left to simmer on the stove for hours and then blended when soft and perfectly cooked. To make the process easier, our Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker reduces the preparation time by cooking all the ingredients within the glass blender jug, making a delicious home-made soup from start to finish in 30 minutes, leaving you with more time to yourself.

Key ingredients
Soup recipes generally use few ingredients, are great way to keep your shopping list small and, better still, mean you can use up that odd mushroom or half a carrot from your fridge drawer. Just throw everything into a soup maker and after generous seasoning, that’s your part done. If you’re aiming for gold star presentation, try a quick swirl of cream or a scattering of seeds to serve, and it’s always a good idea to have a good chunk of fresh bread to dip, too.

Smooth or chunky?
While certain soups can lend themselves better to a chunkier consistency, it’s often personal taste that’s the decider. Our Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker has three blend speeds and automatic settings for smooth or chunky soup, so that you can make it exactly how you like it with minimal fuss, while our range of hand blenders make light work of soups simmered in a pan.

Spice it up
Don’t be afraid to stir some spice into your soups. One of our favourites is cumin – it’s a great all-rounder that really lifts the flavour of vegetable or lentil-based soups – and carrot soup with an added kick of ginger does wonders for the taste buds and the immune system. If you prefer something with a lighter flavour, coriander is also rich in immunity-boosting antioxidants, while lemon zest packs a Vitamin C punch and makes a tasty addition to spring veg soups.

Spotlight on storage
Whether you’re creating a batch of broth or a classic tomato soup, proper storage is vital for taste and freshness. Your home-made soup will keep for 3-4 days in the fridge and will stay freshest using sealed tubs such as our Lock & Lock Eco Food Storage Containers. You can freeze your soup for several months in bags like our Soup ‘n’ Sauce Bags, and they stand upright of their own accord, so they’re really easy to fill.

If you feel inspired to kick-start a healthy eating plan with nutrient-packed soups, or want to reignite your appreciation for the most warming of dishes, you can discover our range of makes-it-easy soup makers.

Need a little help to decide which is the best soup maker or blender for you? Our customers give us fab feedback, so be sure to check out the helpful soup maker reviews on our website. And don’t forget to visit our blog – we’ve tested dozens of soup recipes to help you get the best from your ingredients. It’s a tasty job, but somebody’s got to do it…