Energy Saving Tips for Cooking Christmas Dinner

It can feel like practicality and budgeting go out the window at this time of year, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Christmas dinner is a notorious energy drain – for the chef and for household fuel supplies! But with a little prep and rationalising, you can find a more efficient way to cook your meal and all the trimmings.

Many households have already made the transition away from the fuel guzzling oven, switching it off in favour of smaller appliances. But Christmas dinners are the real test! Let’s delve into some time and energy saving tips for cooking a festive feast without sending your bills through the roof.

Air Fry Your Way to Efficiency

Not for the first time, air fryers are one of our products of the year. They’re helping many households cut back on energy usage, enjoy lighter meals and cook with speed and ease. Compared to an oven, air fryers have been found reducing the costs of cooking a meal by more than half!

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Air fryers use hot air, rather than hot oil, to cook your food. When the blasts of air circulate around the fryer basket, crispy exteriors and golden finishes take minutes to achieve. You know what we’re thinking – roast potatoes!

Delectably crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside roast potatoes. You can really wow your guests with the air frying results. Because they uses much less oil, these tatties will be lighter too, so you’ll reduce your guilty conscious as well as your bills!

You can also create showstopping roasted brussels sprouts in the air fryer. As well as any number of roasted vegetables. A double draw air fryer is going to give you the freedom to cook more dishes and pack in more portions.

Slow and Steady Leads to Savings

In the winter months, slow cookers have an appeal that conventional ovens can’t rival. Coming home to find a hearty pot of food simmering away is one of life’s little joys. And at Christmas, it’s a massive help.

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As Christmas money saving tips go, slow cooking is something that just makes sense. It’s an energy efficient way of making dinner, going low and slow to perfect your food over several hours. We call this ‘set-and-forget cooking’ – bliss!

This year, start Christmas day knowing that the most stressful part of the roast dinner is going to be taken care of. A slow-cooked lemon chicken, succulent beef brisket or rich lamb shank will emerge after a few hours after minimal stress and minimal energy consumption. The slow assimilation of flavours makes for delicious and tender results, guaranteeing that your main course will be a hit.

The Wonders of Hob Roasting

Efficiency takes the centre stage in with this next oven-dodging tip. The Remoska Electric Cooker looks like a pan but can cook like an oven – using a fraction of the electricity. You’ll be able to serve soft and fragrant roast chicken and spicy salmon fillets with these energy efficient Remoska recipes.

Even starting your dishes off on the hob can significantly cut down the oven cooking time, helping you save on energy costs.

There are lots of roasting pans that are suitable for both hob and oven use. They transition smoothly from one to the other, so you can sear meats or begin the cooking process for dense vegetables on the hob. This method locks in flavours, ensures even cooking, and reduces the overall time and energy required in the oven.

No-Bake Side Dishes and Desserts

And finally, we think it’s time to bring back the no-bake dishes to your Christmas spread. Save energy by cooking less and introducing some beautiful, vibrant salads to the table. Bursting with the colours of winter greens, juicy pomegranate seeds, and a crunchy assortment of festive nuts and seeds they’ll be a refreshing change.

End the day on a sweet and savvy note with luscious no-bake desserts. Fruit salads and homemade ice cream are a wonderful combination, light and elegant. Or build your own cheeseboard with plenty of chutney and crackers.

But if you’re missing a hot dessert, then try out one of these oven-free stars: slow cooker cheesecake, chocolate Remoska cake or use an air fryer to create hot syrupy baked fruits. The options and energy saving possibilities are huge!

In the spirit of Christmas, let’s celebrate good company, good food and being good to the planet by choosing energy-efficient cooking options. These energy saving tips will ensure that your Christmas dinner is filled with flavour and the satisfaction of eco-conscious choices.