Ditch Oven Cooking for Energy Efficient Alternatives

The sounds of dinner being prepared in the kitchen can be so comforting, or they can spark all sorts of anxieties. As the oven hums away, energy is being guzzled up. As the nights draw in and we start to think a bit more about our fuel bills, it might be worth rethinking your cooking practices too.

There are plenty of ways to save money when you cook. Let’s explore some of the options for getting smart in the kitchen and savvy with the spending. As more people turn the oven off for good, here are some of the most popular appliances appearing in the hearts of so many homes.

Energy Use by Appliances on Standby

All of the alternatives listed here have one thing in common – you only plug it in when you’re using it. This is in comparison to the always-on-standby ovens so many of us have.

You pay a daily standing charge for plugged-in appliances, even when they’re not in use. How much energy standby uses varies from home to home and gadget to gadget. But leaving your oven on stand-by will cost you, whereas with portable kitchen appliances you only pay for what you use.

Air Fryers: Fast Crisp Cooking

Lakeland Air Fryer with text "Join the hot air revolution. Shop all Air Fryers"

The air fryer is the superhero of modern kitchens. Using rapid air circulation technology, these gadgets ensure that your food cooks evenly and comes out with a perfect crunch. Even the large 8L air fryers are so much smaller than a conventional oven, cooking things fast and using a fraction of the fuel.

While air fryers do need to be preheated, it takes mere minutes. Their heating apparatus is very different from that of an oven and reaching the right temperature doesn’t take long.

The benefits of air fryers are numerous! Air fryers offer a healthier cooking compared to traditional deep or pan frying. Your favourite foods come out golden brown and guilt-free, as they require little or no oil. And, just like an oven, you can use the clear fronted drawers to keep an eye on your food as it cooks.

Air fryers are a great way to fall back in love with cooking and become the toast of your dinner party. Yes, you can do the crowd pleaser recipes like chicken wings and crispy baked potatoes, but there’s so much more. How about a side of fried rice, roasted veggies or some hot donuts for dessert?

Slow Cookers: Steady Gourmet Experiences

Slow cooking has a charm and romance that conventional ovens have lost. It’s the comfort of knowing a rich and hearty meal is bubbling away at home, waiting for you at the end of a long day.

Lakeland Slow Cooker on a table with text "Chop. Chuck In. Enjoy. Shop all slow cookers"

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure, a slow cooker is a device comprised of a removable inner pot, which is heated by an element in the base, and an all-important lid that locks in the heat and moisture. As the steam collects and drips off the lid, all the ingredients simmer in their own juices and retain more of their nutrients and flavour, giving you deliciously tender results.

The science behind slow cookers also supports pressure cookers. Many of our pressure cookers double up, offering either rapid results or a steady simmer. Both methods are more energy-efficient than an oven. The former cooks food 70% faster, conserving energy, while the latter operates at low temperatures, consuming minimal energy even over extended periods.

The nature of the food they cooks means they are also great for batch cooking, another energy and money saving strategy. Plus, when using a slow cooker, you can get away with cheaper ingredients as the low-and-slow cooking transforms even tough or bland foods into gastro-delights.

From lamb casserole and fragrant lentil curry to fresh loaves of bread, slow cookers produce a huge variety of delicious dishes.

Microwaves: A Misunderstood Art

Microwaves and mini ovens have been pigeonholed as reheating machines, but they’re capable of so much more. With a bit of know-how, the humble microwave can be used to cook fish to delicate perfection using our cook-in bags, or create entire melt-in-the-middle desserts.

Microwaves cook by emitting waves that directly excite the water molecules in food, ensuring rapid and consistent heating. This direct approach translates to faster cooking times and significant energy savings.

You might think of microwaves as being an appliance for smaller households, but you can cook group meals in minutes. Recipes range from cauliflower cheese and risottos, to grilled meats and steamed fish. And we’ve not even touched on the pudding options!

You can whip up extra courses for yourself and your family without worrying about additional cooking costs. Our microwave cookware makes for simple cooking and serious savings.

Extra Tips for Extra Savings:

  • Batch Cooking: Use your slow cooker or air fryer to cook in batches. Store excess in Lakeland’s Airtight Storage Containers for future meals. You’ll save both time and energy.
  • Invest in Quality: Quality appliances, like those from Lakeland, are designed for efficiency. They might cost a tad more initially, but the energy savings they offer make them worth every penny.
  • Versatility is Key: The more versatile an appliance, the more you’ll use it, ensuring value for money. An air fryer that bakes or a microwave that grills? That’s the kind of multitasking we love!

The oven, while timeless, isn’t the most efficient appliance. With our range of individual appliances and multi-cookers, cooking is faster, healthier, and more economical. Why stick to the old when the new is so deliciously efficient?