Easter Spring Flowers Traybake thumbnail image


Easter Spring Flowers Traybake

There’s nothing like springtime flowers – especially when they’re delicious in cake form. If you’re looking for an Easter cake with a...

Make Your own Easter Eggs thumbnail image


Make Your own Easter Eggs

It’s so rewarding to make chocolate Easter eggs at home, especially when the results are as good as this. And it’s also a great way to have fun in...

Decortwist Easter Basket Biscuits thumbnail image


Decortwist Easter Basket Biscuits

The Easter bunny would be delighted with these little baskets, and anyone you serve them to will be just as pleased. And while they might look like...

Easter Egg Hunt Activities thumbnail image


Easter Egg Hunt Activities

We’ve put together our best Easter Egg Activities. Easter Egg Hunt There’s nothing like the lure of chocolate to tear little ones away from...

Homemade Chocolate Making thumbnail image


Homemade Chocolate Making

Making your own chocolates isn’t as difficult as you might think, though it helps to have the right kit to set you up for success, and we’ve got...

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All About Eggs

Boiled, poached, fried, Benedict, Florentine, omelettes, pasta, cakes, mayonnaise…eggs are one of the most versatile foodstuffs on Earth, and the...

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Easter Roasting Essentials

Hosting the Easter roast can be a daunting task. But with our range of quality cooking kit, you’ll find everything you need to rustle up a roast to...