Let’s do brunch

If it’s too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, you’ve got the perfect excuse to do brunch. It’s arguably the best meal of the weekend, when you’ve got time to treat yourself to something a bit more special than a hurried bowl of cereal, and we’ve got loads of ideas to make your next lazy Sunday brunch your best one yet.

It’s all about eggs

Poached egg recipes

Boiled, poached, in an omelette or sunny side up. As part of a fry up with bacon, sausages and the works, or as the star of the show in a vegetarian dish – eggs never disappoint. And there are so many ways to enjoy them. Whatever the egg dish on your menu, it’ll taste all the better for using fresh, free-range eggs. It pays to know where they’ve come from, and you’ll find a few tips here to ensure only the best make it into your shopping basket.

How do you like yours?

Now you’ve got your lovely fresh eggs, it’s time to get cooking. We can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a leisurely lie-in, followed by a good coffee and a spot of brunch. Eggs done right are a marvellous thing indeed, but it’s all too easy to get them wrong. Our Egg Cooker comes to the rescue of anyone who’s suffered over-boiled eggs; a proper poaching pan is a godsend for those who usually end up with a pan full of stringy bits; and a set of Egg Rings will keep the fried variety perfectly round, so they fit nicely in a bacon bap or English muffin. We can’t do anything about that runny egg yolk on your chin though, sorry.

Make a meal of it

Brunch and big breakfasts don’t always have to be about bacon, sausages, beans and hash browns (although we are quite partial now and then). There’s a plethora of ways to have your big brunch. Smashed avocadoes and a poached egg are brilliant toppers for a nice bit of toasted sourdough; you can get a fruity superfood-charged boost from a yoghurty breakfast bowl; and a hearty plateful of huevos rancheros or shakshuka will keep you going all day long.

Brunch ideas that stack up

Pancakes and waffles don’t tend to hang around for long, do they? When you’re craving fluffy maple syrup-drizzled waffles, the right kit will help you serve stack after perfect stack that’ll have everyone coming back for second helpings. And we’ve got loads of pancake recipes to choose from when only a crêpe will do, but our egg and spinach galettes really hit the spot for brunch. Especially if there’s a bit of streaky bacon with them. Yum.

If we’ve got you in the mood for some great grub (Eggs Florentine is sounding great right now…), you find all things eggy here, to help you make it right first time.