10 Reasons to make soup

The start of a new year is often the catalyst for a change in diet, but you may find yourself wondering how to commit to your health-conscious resolutions once the same old salads lose their appeal. Thankfully, soup is a wonderfully simple way to introduce nutritious, easy options into your day-to-day menu without the need for an elaborate meal plan.

Whether you’re already a soup lover or are looking for inspiration to cook up your first home-made hearty bowl of the good stuff, we’ve pulled together ten reasons to enjoy soup this season.

  1. Fuller for longer
    Many meals take the shape of a plate of food and a drink, however soup has a unique benefit in that the core ingredients are blended with water. This means that instead of the liquid passing straight through your system, the whole soup mixture remains in your stomach and leaves a feeling of fullness to stave off those hunger pangs.
  2. Variety
    From different cuisines to varying dietary requirements, soup is the chameleon of the food world and can be adapted in unlimited ways. And whether you’re cooking a chicken soup, chunky chowder or a light stock-based pho, there are options for every person and every occasion. Add some ginger to a warming winter soup to help fight flu, or serve up a vegan delight with our Minty Pea & Potato Soup recipe.
  3. Convenience
    With our Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker you can make delicious home-made soup in only 30 minutes, leaving you just enough time to walk the dog or catch up on an episode of Masterchef before tucking in. It chops, blends, cooks, simmers and stirs – all in one jug – so it saves loads of washing up too!
  4. Hidden veggies
    Whether you have fussy eaters in the family or just want to pack a few more vegetables into your diet, soup is a great way to get all of that nutritious goodness into your tummy. You can easily get a few of your five-a-day from one generous helping!
  5. Hydrating
    For some athletes, soup can have a very functional benefit with its hydrating effects. As some soups have high levels of sodium (from salt), they can contain lots of electrolytes which aid recovery. While you don’t want too much salt, getting the right amount from a broth helps to retain water and prevent dehydration, plus choosing water-rich veggies such as courgette and celery gives an extra burst of hydration.
  6. Freezeable
    Soup is a great batch-cook meal that can easily be taken out of the freezer as and when it’s needed. Our handy Soup ‘n’ Sauce Bags allow you to save perfectly portioned soups for later, and take up much less space than food storage boxes.
  7. Less food waste
    If the thrown-out vegetables of days gone by have been playing on your conscience, it’s time to work some soup dishes into your mealtimes. From leftover cooked meats, to cooked pasta or even gravy, there are so many ways to turn leftover food into a delicious soup with a little thought, and it’s a great way to use the odds and ends from your veg basket.
  8. Budget friendly
    And with less food waste comes all the benefits of a cheap-yet-scrumptious meal. There’s an abundance of leftover ingredients that can be used to create a frugal soup dish, or if you’re starting from scratch, simply load up on purse-friendly veggies, grains and beans.
  9. The feel-good factor
    When you’re feeling a little under the weather, a bowl of warmth can come to the rescue. Turn to the kitchen instead of the medicine cabinet and pack your soup with dark, leafy greens that are high in Vitamin C and infection-fighting antioxidants, or add a pinch of turmeric or cayenne pepper for their anti-inflammatory properties.
  10. There’s a soup for everyone…
    …And for every occasion. Whether it’s a nutritious, healthy meal for the kids, a dinner party starter with friends or a solo on-the-go lunch, there are so many flavoursome options that there’s no reason to ever get bored of this wholesome dish.

Whether you prefer soup maker recipes for convenience, or lean towards the time-honoured method of simmering a broth in your favourite stockpot, take a look at the hearty recipes and soup ideas on our blog – it’s time to get souped up!