Lakeland can help you get the most out of laundry days with our high-quality laundry and ironing items. Our tried & tested drying products, designed for spaces big and small, will bring the freshness of outdoor drying into your home. Explore our curated range and freshen up your laundry supplies with products you can trust.

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Laundry and Ironing Appliances

When the sun is shining, pegging out the laundry on your washing line is a far more enjoyable task (or is it just us?), and there's nothing quite like that line-dried smell. For those sunshine days, we've got a variety of rotary airers to help dry your laundry quickly, as well as robust pegs that won't leave their mark but will stop your clothes from flying away! And laundry baskets to make transporting your laundry from the machine to the washing line a doddle, including ones that fold flat once you're done.

And when the weather isn't playing ball, we've got a wide range of indoor clothes airers for spaces big and small to make sure you have plenty of hanging space for your laundry. We even have heated clothes airers that'll speed up the drying process, so there'll be no more draping your clothes over every available radiator to get them dry.

Whether you like to iron the traditional way, or you like to steam out those pesky creases (it's so satisfying!), our range of irons, ironing boards and steamers will help you whizz through that ironing pile in no time at all. We even have you covered for when you're off on your travels, so you can look smart and crease-free wherever you are.