Calling everyone who can whip up a five-tier wedding cake in an afternoon – or who's thinking of baking their first-ever batch of biscuits. This is where the pie-making, bowl-licking, cake-decorating fun begins.


Whatever you're baking, we're sure to have the size and shape of tin you need in our one-stop bakeware shop.

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Get that apron on and break out the mixing bowl! Whether it's for friends and family, or simply because you fancy a cake (don't we all), this is the place to come for everything you need to make scrumptious delicacies with ease.

Make sure you start off on the right foot by using precise measuring and weighing scales, as inaccurate ingredients can soon put a dampener on things. The big question? Mixing bowl and wooden spoon or electric mixer? Well, mixing by hand is great for a workout or getting little ones involved (but watch out for the mess!), while electric mixers give perfect results fast, with less effort. And if your kids love helping out, our baking sets, designed especially for little hands, are a great way for them to get stuck in.

Mixing done, there's a huge selection of bakeware and cake tins to help you create pretty much every size and shape of bake under the sun, from miniature madeleines to colossal celebration cakes. Because we've never met a cake we didn’t like, so it just makes sense that we'd have all the cake trays you could ever want.

And when it comes to turning your finished bake into a towering confection, our cake decorating tools, icing selection, cutters, nozzles, piping bags and sprinkles can help even novice bakers achieve professional-looking results.