What to Put in a Christmas Hamper

What better sums up the season of giving, sharing and eating than a Christmas hamper? When the days are short and grey, give someone a gift that’s packed with things to make their evenings cosy, vibrant, and filled with sweet seasonal treats.

This holiday season, buy a food and drink hamper or curate your own that’ll go straight to the hearts of your loved ones. Whether they’re an avid cook, a willing host, or someone who revels in cosy evenings, our magical gift baskets have got you covered.

Hamper Ideas for the Gourmet Enthusiasts

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For the self-confessed foodies, gift hampers that stock their kitchen cupboards and pantries will always be appreciated. Whether you know their tastes well or are relying on some guess work, it’ll be easy to fill a food hamper that they’ll love.

Start with the classics and grab some condiments for their drizzling pleasure. Go for something a little unusual, like our trio of black garlic sauces, to fire up their culinary imagination. Or, if they have a sweet tooth, this Cottage Delight Trio of Ginger Jams will bring a fiery twist to their usual jam and toast!

Of course, if you’re looking to go the extra mile, why not make your own preserves for a more personal food hamper? Nothing beats homemade jam after all, and you might inspire them to try making it for themselves.

If they’re really into their baking and are looking for a winter hobby, add a sourdough starter to your gift hamper. It’ll keep them going all year long. With this gift, you can throw in the full sourdough starter set too. New year, new baking resolutions!

Just imagine their face when they pull this collection of artisan pâtés out of their Christmas hamper, they’ll have even more motivation to get baking! You’ll be back at theirs for a dinner of fresh bread, pâté, cheese and chutney before winter’s over.

Gift Hampers for Beloved Hosts

We all have that friend or family member whose door has been open to us all year round. Now you can show your appreciation for all those mugs of tea, warm dinners and shared bottles of wine with a tailored food and drink hamper! These gift basket ideas are perfect for those wonderful hosts and hostesses.

For big Christmas get-togethers or big shows of appreciation, give the merriest Christmas Hamper on offer. No one can feel unhappy in the face of all this cheese and wine! For smaller households, you can scale it back to our smaller Ultimate Christmas Cheeseboard gift set – still a festive feast! These hampers are a great way to take the stress out of hosting a cheese and wine night of your own, too.

There are loads of luxurious food and drink hampers to choose from. And you can top them up with gifts of your own to make for a generous and personal Christmas hamper.

Whether it’s biscuits from our Gardener’s Trug box or crackers from this delightful cheeseboard trio, snack presentation is important. Make sure your hamper includes some of our beautiful serving boards and seasonal bowls. Designed to showcase all sorts of culinary delights, these table accessories would also be a well-timed gift alongside a hamper filled with festive favourites. They’re perfect for pouring out crisps, nuts and cheesy biscuits ready for days of indulgence!

Cosy Nights with Chocolate Hampers

As much as we appreciate dinners with family and drinks with friends, some of the joys of Christmas come from having quiet moments to ourselves. If you know someone who appreciates an evening in, then this hamper idea is perfect for them.

A chocolate-filled hamper is a Christmas classic. What better way to tell someone to kick back and treat themselves? We have sophisticated solutions that’ll make this a memorable gift. Roll out a Trio of Italian Rolled Wafers, perfect with tea or ice cream. Or go all out with the Taste of Italy Hamper, loaded with luxury chocolates and sweet Italian biscuits.

Stay on theme and top up  your Italian-inspired gift hamper with some coffee accessories. Maybe sweet set of a coffee syrups and a shining new cafetiere?

Your hamper idea might treat them to riches from closer to home. This Floral Afternoon Tea Hamper is perfect for snug me-time moments. Throw in some Christmas candles and a fluffy new hot water bottle to elevate their cosy winter afternoons to another level.

Go ahead, spread some holiday cheer with the perfect Christmas hamper. If you find that you’re still stuck for gifting inspiration, check out our latest guide to present giving. We’ve got all the Christmas accessories, recipes and gifts you need!