University Student Essentials

Maybe you’ve just got the keys to your first home or are about to move into student halls. It’s an exciting but stressful time so it’s easy to overlook some of those essentials you might need. We’re not talking about the obvious things like a bed, a sofa, a kettle and a toaster, not to mention the all-important corkscrew, but more so those little household items that, while not very exciting, are none the less essential. We’ve put together a handy list so your new adventure can get off to a great (and clean) start.

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Heated Clothes Airer

There’s not always the space or the weather conditions to dry clothes outside. We have the perfect solution. Our exclusive Dry:Soon range will gently dry your clothes without the need for costly tumble drying. Shop our range of Dry:Soon heated airers.

Air Fryers

An air fryer is a perfect companion for any new student as they cook food much more quickly than an oven as heating up the air necessary to fry your food takes less energy than heating an oven, this reduced cooking time means a reduction in energy bills, too. Our range includes some compact air fryers meaning you can find one to suit any size of kitchen. Shop our air fryers here.

Storage & Organisation

Shelf Organisers

Instantly double your shelf space with freestanding shelves. With no DIY required, they’re the easy way to avoid precariously stacked cans and crockery. Shop our range here.

Storage Boxes

A place for everything and everything in its place – an organised home is a calm home and it makes your house feel bigger too. Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes making it easy to take advantage of otherwise wasted space under beds, in cupboards and in the garage. Shop our range here.

Drawer Organisers

You can get more in a tidy drawer so avoid cutlery chaos and keep drawers super-organised with a cutlery tray. Shop our range here.


Mould Remover

If your new home has been empty for a while or the décor hasn’t been updated, there’s a good chance that the bathroom may be in need of some TLC. Arm yourself with some powerful mould removing spray or gel and a good, strong brush and get to work on those tiled areas where mould tends to build up. It’ll look good-as-new in no time. Shop our Mould Remover Spray here.

Magic Eraser Blocks

All that furniture shifting can mark walls and floors, and fray tempers. These handy little eraser blocks will make short work of unsightly marks with very little effort. Shop our Magic Eraser Blocks here.

Spider Repellent

Empty homes are a magnet for unwanted eight-legged house guests, especially if you live in the countryside. A repellent sprayed around your windows and doors will send them scurrying out as fast as their legs will carry them and discourage them from returning. Shop Spider Repellent here.

Water Softener

Limescale can be an issue if you’re moving from a soft water area to a hard water area. To keep it under control and extend the life of your iron or steam cleaner, use a water softener regularly to prevent build-up. Shop our Lakeland Water Softener here.

Oven Cleaner

If you inherit an oven, chances are that it will have layers of burnt-on food and grease that will need to be removed before you can use it. A powerful oven cleaner will do most of the hard work for you, leaving you with the easy job of wiping it out and buffing it up. Shop OvenMate here.

Sticky Stuff Remover

Residue from price-tags, sticky tape or labels can look unsightly. Unsticking the stuck with ease, this clever orange-scented cleaner will quickly and safely do its job. Shop our Sticky Stuff Glue Residue and Oil Remover here.