Steam Cleaning for Hard Floors and Carpets

You’ve probably already heard that steam cleaners are able to restore home sparkle without the stress and mess of using a mop. But did you know the same is true for hardwood flooring, carpets and rugs? There are steam cleaners for every type of floor, so there’s no excuse not to embrace this efficient, hygienic and eco-friendly home cleaning option!

Are Steam Cleaners Worth It?

Steam cleaners don’t just buff out surface level dirt, they also blast away bacteria – 99% of it, even in carpets. This natural sanitation method means you don’t have to bring nasty chemicals into your house or spend hours scrubbing stains. For us, the real upgrade is not needing to drag around a sloshing bucket of water! The built-in water tank and lightweight design of steam mops and handheld steamers makes for super portable cleaning solutions, easy to pick up and move into different rooms.

Whether you want fluffy carpets, gleaming wooden floors or laminate that shines, floor steamers can deliver. These devices make your routine home cleaning a breeze and can make a huge difference when it comes to doing a deep clean.

Here’s what steam cleaners can do for you and the different types of flooring you might have at home.

Can You Steam Clean Wood Floors?

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When it comes to wooden floors, as long as your flooring is sealed then you’ll be able to steam it clean. Steam mops deliver a very controlled level of heat and moisture, perfect for hardwood surfaces. They’re able to effectively clean without compromising the finish of sealed wooden flooring.

You’ll need a hard floor cleaner that offers this gentle touch, with microfiber cloths or soft brushes. The Shark Klik n Flip Steam Mop comes with double-sided microfibre cleaning pads, giving you the added bonus of being able to clean for twice as long before fitting a new pad.

Steam mops like this come with a range of settings that’ll allow you to experiment with what works best on your surfaces. For hardwood floors, use the lowest steam setting. This gentle pressure is designed for just such use, it’s ideal for sensitive surfaces.

Once you’ve got everything properly set up, the going is easy. You’ll be able to sail from room to room, leaving pristine floorboards in your wake.

Pushing your steamer at a steady pace is a good way of ensuring an even finish. It’s best not to let a switched-on cleaner linger on one place for an extended period of time, otherwise you could risk leaving a mark. Don’t worry though, this is easy to avoid with light models like Shark’s Lift-Away Steam Mop. So long as you’re manoeuvring mindfully, surfaces will be dazzling in no time.

We’ve got lots more tips for keeping your hardwood floor clean, and more advice on the best steam mops for these surfaces.

Best Ways to Clean Laminate Flooring

Steam cleaning the corner of a wooden floor

Laminate surfaces are the resilient handle-anything material many of us rely on. Despite its versatility, laminate flooring still needs special care and maintenance. Fortunately, with steam cleaning it’s easy to keep up a routine that’ll keep your floors shining like new.

Even the lowest steam mop settings provide comprehensive bursts of hot steam. There’s no need to exert great force to get great results. Instead, we recommend cleaning laminate on the low or medium steam setting, depending on the condition of your flooring and the nature of the dirt you’re trying to tackle.

With laminate flooring, the thing to watch out for is holes and gaps. You’ll know if you have them, and it’s best to avoid taking a floor steamer over these spots. Moisture from the steam could affect the glue beneath if the floor is already damaged.

Otherwise, full steam ahead! Hard floor cleaners with swivel heads are particularly useful for getting a job done quickly. You can cover a large area, and with triangular headed devices like Thane’s 5-in-1 Steam Mop, you can get into every awkward corner.

This model even comes with a bendable jet nozzle, making it possible to get into hidden spots and hard-to-reach areas, like between cabinets or behind the toilet. That’s incredible coverage and incredible peace of mind!

Can You Steam Clean Carpets?

For all the comfort carpets offer, they’re a demanding surface to clean. Keeping them looking fresh can feel like a fulltime occupation – unless you have a steam cleaner on hand to help!

Steaming your carpets and rugs is an easy step to add to your cleaning routine. First, hoover the space you’re looking as you would normally. Use a vacuum cleaner that’s reliable and able to pick up the bigger particles which the carpet steamer can’t lift. The main role of carpet steamers is to bring back bright, spot-free surfaces, cleansing the fibres of your carpet rather than dealing with bits of matter.

Now you’re ready to start steaming your carpet. There are different settings and fittings for steam cleaners. Make sure the mop head has the carpet-appropriate head on, avoiding using bristles or anything that’ll overbrush the fibres.

Using a carpet steam cleaner is easy, simply start moving your device slowly across the floor and let the moisture cleanse the surface. This is the best way to keep on top of rug and carpet care. Regular steaming will ensure your carpet stays fresh and fluffy underfoot.

However, if you find yourself tacking tough stains, then you’ll need to take a different approach.

Does Steam Cleaning A Carpet Remove Stains?

Spills and stains, the drama we all want to live without. Fortunately, steam cleaners for carpets make it possible to have floors that look like they’ve never seen a clumsy moment.

When used on the highest setting, the temperature of the steam being forced into the carpet is enough to breakdown the bonds between stains and your fabric fibres. Carpet steam cleaners work a charm on all those day-to-day marks, like food spills and mud.

Keeping efficiency at the fore, your best bet might be to use a handheld steamer to focus in on the areas affected. These concentrated shots of steam can lift stubborn grime and dried on dirt. Thane’s 5-in-1 Steam Mop switches from upright steam mop to handheld steam cleaner, supporting comprehensive carpet care.

If you find yourself facing down a particularly old and difficult stain, it’s worth getting back-up. Lakeland have a huge range of stain removers, perfect for use on carpets.

Having a handheld steamer in the house has other benefits too. You can use these devices to steam your clothes and soft furnishings, bringing freshness to all your fabrics. The Bissell Steam Shot Steam Cleaner, for instance, can blast off unsightly marks whilst also easing out any creases – how’s that for two birds with one stone!

Whether you’re treating hardwood or carpets, you’ll find that steam cleaning offers a versatile and hassle-free solution for maintaining your floors. Check out our range of steam cleaners to find the right one for your home, and make sure you’re equipped with all the floor cleaning products and accessories you might need.

This could be the year you say goodbye to cumbersome cleaning methods and welcome in the ease and effectiveness of steam cleaning for a sparkling home!