A speedy spring clean with Lakeland

Winter may be outstaying its welcome, but you can put a spring in your step (and your home!) with our spring cleaning tips and cheeky shortcuts. For those of you who don’t enjoy the cleaning, the Lakeland way is the easy way to a cleaner home.

Clever spring cleaning

Get organised. Make it a family affair, with each member taking on their own room. You could even award points, giving it a fun and competitive twist! Plus, with everyone getting stuck in, you’ll be finished in no time. If you’re tackling the big clean-up alone, you could do a room a day, or set aside a morning to get it done. “A morning?” we hear you say. Yes, a morning. With our innovative range of cleaning products, your spring clean will be a chore no more.

Deep clean the kitchen

Often seen as the biggest challenge of the house (the grease, the grime, the horror!), it’s the best place to start. If you’ve gone down the competitive route, take it on, be the hero. With the following plan, you’ll have all the glory with none of the gore.

Let’s start with the dreaded oven. You’ve put it off all year. The multitude of old meals are mocking you. Let your new best mate take charge – Oven Mate. The Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit comes with a powerful gel, brush and even gloves to keep your hands protected. Simply brush on the gel, leave for a few minutes (you could get ahead of the game with another kitchen task in the meantime) then wipe away to reveal a dazzling shine.

If you’re dreading going into battle with your crusty kitchen worktops, vamoose your way to success with Vamoose Kitchen Cleaner. The mighty foam will take care of all of your kitchen surfaces (including the fridge) in a flash. Spray, wipe and go! Your kitchen will be sparkling in no time. If you don’t believe us, check out the plethora of 5-star reviews and testimonials on our website.

Finally, (you don’t want to make the mistake of doing this one first!) clean the floor. Whatever your floor type, you will find the perfect product. With all the time you’ve saved, now you can put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa…

Give the bathroom a blitz

The grotty loo… no one’s favourite job. But worry not, Vamoose is here to save the day again. With its fast-acting foam, a spray of Vamoose Bathroom Cleaner onto your sink, bath, tiles and taps will do all the hard work for you – no scrubbing required. Even for the thickest of grime, all Vamoose needs is a mere few minutes. So, spray it on your bath, and by the time you’ve finished spraying the magic around the rest of your bathroom, your bath will be ready to be rinsed.

If you pop some bleach down the loo before you start, when you’ve rinsed the rest of the bathroom, the toilet will be ready for a quick scrub and brush. Hey presto, in 5 minutes, the end is almost in sight! Give the floor a quick mop with our Lakeland Spray Mop and let your family marvel at your cleaning prowess.

If your bathroom needs some extra TLC, see our range of grout whiteners, drain unblockers and limescale removers.

From floor to ceiling in the living room

Your home deserves the best, so go for gold with Liquid Gold Wood Reviver. Start by running a microfibre cloth over all wooden surfaces to remove dust, then it’s time for the golden touch. This bottle of wonder both cleans and restores all wooden surfaces, removing scuffs and scratches. Simply wipe over with a clean, dry cloth – that’s it. For easy window cleaning and polishing of glass surfaces, try Nilglass Window and Mirror Cleaner Spray for a smear-free sparkle.

If your carpet or rug is looking a little tired, and a quick vac just won’t cut it, it’s time to bring out Lakeland Stain and Odour Pro 750ml for some deep cleaning action to remove stains and eliminate odours. Spray the foam onto any unwanted stains, rub it in with a cloth, wait for it to dry, and vacuum off. While the foam is working its magic, save some time by running a damp cloth over the skirting boards.

If you have hard floors rather than carpet, simultaneously shift any dirt and get them looking their super shiny best with Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.

Now it’s time to complete the job. Once you’ve finished with the carpets and upholstery, use the longer nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner to banish pesky cobwebs. Voila, your living room has the wow factor again!

So there you have it, spring cleaning the Lakeland way. Why not share Lakeland’s savvy spring cleaning secrets with family and friends?