Show your living room some love

Tidying and cleaning your entire home in a single session may seem a little daunting, but there’s really no need to take on the whole task in one go. At Lakeland, we believe spreading out the housework is more effective than trying to cram it all in – especially if you’re short on time (or motivation!). Try tackling just one room a day, and by the end of the week, you’ll be on your way to a transformed home. Not only that, you’ll also find it a lot easier to maintain your efforts.

Show your living room some love

It’s a room we all love to lounge and unwind in, and you can relax so much more knowing that your living room is clean and tidy. Here’s how to go about reclaiming your haven.


Take a ‘chuck or keep’ approach to the clutter in the living room. It’s natural to accumulate magazines, newspapers, DVDs and other bits and bobs, so have a good filter through and decide what can stay, what can go, and what can be recycled (but remember to keep your Lakeland catalogue safe and sound!). Once you’ve decided what you’ll be keeping, get organised and store things away in baskets and boxes so you can stay on top of where everything is.

Now to clean

Your home deserves the best, so if you have a lot of wood in your lounge, take the time to polish it with a nourishing wood reviver. Start by running a microfibre cloth over all wooden surfaces to remove dust, apply a few spritzes of polish to your cloth and give everything a wipe down. Doing this regularly should remove scuffs and scratches and keep your furniture looking its shiny best. Next, move onto your windows, mirrors and glass surfaces with a dedicated cleaner, remembering to use a clean cloth for a smear-free sparkle.

Hit the floor

Thoroughly vacuum the carpet, or if you have hard floors, shift any marks and get them looking super-shiny by mopping with a specialist floor cleaner. If your carpet or rug is looking a little tired, and a quick vac just won’t cut it, it’s time to bring out your carpet cleaner for some deep-cleaning action to remove stains and eliminate odours. Freshen up your curtains and upholstery with fabric spray, and if you have leather furniture, apply a dedicated treatment to give it some TLC.

After all this work it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy your living room again. Go on, you deserve it.