Easter Roasting Essentials

Hosting the Easter roast can be a daunting task. But with our range of quality cooking kit, you’ll find everything you need to rustle up a roast to remember!

Lakeland Roasting Tin

This superb quality roasting tin will not only cook your Sunday joint to perfection – and the vegetables to go with it – but also offers even cooking, superior food release and can go in the dishwasher for easy clean-up. Made from heavy-duty 1mm carbon steel, it’s thicker than most other roasters. A double layer of Quantum 2 professional non-stick means whatever you’re cooking will be released easily and with no rolled, uncoated edges, there’s nowhere for food or water to get trapped. Get it in our standard or large sizes.

Air Fryer

Did you know that you can cook your meat/joint in your air fryer? Our Adjustable Air Fryer has a 9L cooking capacity means it’s as versatile as it is functional (the large drawer is big enough to cook a whole chicken with the partition removed!).

Meat Thermometer

A brilliant addition to any keen cook’s armoury, the Meater+ Smart Meat Thermometer is a world first! A leave-in meat thermometer with no trailing wires or cables, it can be left in the joint of meat because it syncs to your smartphone or tablet so you don’t have to keep opening the oven door – and wasting heat – to check on progress. You can be as much as 50 metres away from the stove or barbecue while your food is cooking and you can still keep an eye on things as the signal will reach that far.

Stainless Steel Pans

Designed with style in mind and the quality to match, our brand new Stainless Steel pan range will add a touch of class to any cooking space. From the aesthetic appearance to the robust stainless steel construction, this timeless and traditional range is a blessing for cooks with great taste.

Lakeland Fully Forged Stainless Steel Carving Fork

Designed to complement the Lakeland carving knife, this elegant Fully Forged Carving Fork has a comfortable handle and strong steel prongs to hold your joint securely in place as you serve up Sunday lunch.

Wrap and Roast Roll

Succulent golden brown roasts with no basting and no spattered oven to clean afterwards….By wrapping the whole bird, joint of meat, or fresh fish in the strong Wrap & Roast film, then scrunching the foil lined edges together like a giant sweetie wrapper, all the juices will be held inside, making for a mouth-wateringly tasty feast.

Fat Trappers & Absorbers

When draining your meat our Fat Trappers are a must have! Just place this fat trapper into Absorb Bin and pour any cooking oil and fat into the centre to help it disperse quickly and evenly. The super absorbent material soaks fat up in minutes and, even used every day, it will last about a week before it gets saturated. Once its work is done, it can be removed, popped straight into your bin and replaced. No mess, no fuss – and no more blocked drains.

Stainless Steel Roaster and Rack

Big enough to handle the largest of joints, poultry and vegetables, this large roasting pan with removable rack from KitchenCraft ensures there will be plenty of food to feed all the family, and leftovers for your sandwiches tomorrow too. The removable rack will raise your meat, allowing all the delicious juices to drip below for the makings of rich, flavoursome gravy, and the foldaway handles make lifting in and out of the oven easy. It is also ideal for low-fat cooking, as the rack enables fats to easily drain away. Get our medium or large sizes.

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