Dinosaur Caterpillar Cake

  • Preparation Time : + minute
  • Serves : 6
  • Type : Dessert

For a birthday party that’s positively prehistoric, our easy-to-use Silicone Caterpillar Mould lets you create a chocolaty caterpillarsaurus that’s sure to go down a treat. Here’s how we created this delicious dinosaur…


  • Gather your kit
  • Swiss Roll Tin 
  • Baking parchment 
  • Small palette knife 
  • Silicone Caterpillar Mould 


  1. Bake a chocolate Swiss roll. Once it’s filled and rolled up – with the help of a piece of baking parchment – coat it with a layer of green buttercream and place in the fridge until it’s ready to decorate. (We used standard vanilla buttercream with a couple of drops of green food colouring.
  2. To make your dinosaur’s features, add a little melted white chocolate to the antennae, eyes, nose and mouth parts of the large face mould and place in the fridge to set. Once set, fill the rest of the face mould with melted milk chocolate. Also fill in the tail, spikes and boots on the larger green mould with milk chocolate. Place both moulds in the fridge to set, then remove and gently pop out all your decorations.
  3. Place your dinopillar on a serving plate and carefully add the decorations – these should stick easily to the buttercream. Add five feet at even intervals on both sides; press the little back plates into the top; and finish off with the face and tail sections.
  4. Then all you have to do is serve… and bring yourself to demolish your dinosaur!