Leftover Sunday Dinner Soup with Crispy Bacon

  • Type : Lunch

A wonderful recipe designed for using up any leftover Sunday dinner – a great way to cut down on waste. This soup is warming, tasty and is exactly what comfort tastes like.Made in our Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker.


  • 250g cooked roast chicken 
  • 150g cooked carrots 
  • 150g cooked parsnips 
  • 150g cooked roasted onion 
  • 150g cooked cauliflower 
  • 200ml chicken stock 
  • a handful of parsley chopped
  • to taste  salt and freshly ground pepper 
  • piece of smoked streaky bacon cut into 1cm pieces
  • a couple of sage leaves 


  1. Pop all your leftovers into the jug of the soup maker, replace the lid and select the Smooth Soup setting. Leave to cook for 30 minutes.
  2. Once the soup is finished and blended, fry the bacon pieces and sage leaves in a hot frying pan until really crispy.
  3. To serve, pour soup into bowls or mugs and top with the crispy bacon and sage.
  4. Tip: We used up what didn’t get eaten from our Sunday roast, but any leftover veg works a treat!