Hearty Mushroom Soup

  • Difficulty level : Easy
  • Type : Starter

Perfect during the colder months


  • 25g dried porcini mushrooms 
  • 250ml boiling water 
  • 2 tbsp olive oil 
  • medium onion finely diced
  • large carrots diced
  • garlic cloves finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp fresh rosemary chopped
  • salt and pepper 
  • 500g fresh mushrooms, any variety roughly chopped
  • 1.2L vegetable stock 
  • 5 tbsp marsala or dry sherry 
  • 2 tbsp tomato puree 
  • 100g tinned haricot beans drained and rinsed


  1. Put the porcini mushrooms in a bowl with the boiling water, soak for 25 minutes.
  2. Set a large pan over a medium heat heat the oil, add the onion, carrot, garlic, rosemary and seasoning. Fry for 5 minutes until soft.
  3. Drain the porcini mushrooms, reserving the liquid, and finely chop. Add the porcini mushrooms and fresh mushrooms to the pan and fry for another 5 minutes.
  4. Add the stock, marsala or sherry, tomato pure, haricot beans and reserved porcini mushroom liquid. Cook for 30 minutes, adding extra stock if the soup becomes too thick.