How to Create More Small Kitchen Storage

In an organised and tidy kitchen, food just tastes better. Keeping this space clutter-free can feel like a constant battle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Nifty drawer dividers and canny cupboard organisers make it easy to level up your kitchen storage. Enjoy every moment spent in the heart of your home – from making tea and preparing food right through to doing the washing up.

We’ve compiled some revolutionary kitchen storage ideas and best buys from our product range. Now you’ve got what you need to make your own home optimisation gameplan!

How Much Kitchen Storage Do I Need?

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The honest answer is, not as much as you might think. Fitting additional cupboards and shelves won’t always bring order to your chaos; often it just means that your clutter is better concealed. Small kitchens and those seemingly low on storage can be the perfect oasis of calm, if you know how to go about it.

So, rather than worrying about expanding how much kitchen storage you have, think about how you can better use your existing storage space. Creating a tidy kitchen involves finding the right balance between cooking efficiency and aesthetic harmony. That means keeping culinary essentials within easy reach and everything else it’s designated place.

By reviewing how you use your space and equipment, you can tidy your home with just a few simple storage ideas. The first important lesson in kitchen organisation is this: out of sight isn’t out of mind. It’s easy to create a calm and tidy space without completely clearing the countertops. Think stylish utensil pots, sleek knife blocks, and savvy spice storage – small kitchens demand a practical and rational approach!

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

No two kitchens are exactly alike, and we’re all working with different spaces, cooking styles and aesthetic tastes. But these kitchen cupboard organisation tips and sink tidy hacks are practically universal! Take a look at these thoughtful space optimisations and see if you can double your kitchen storage capacity.

Shelf organisers: There are lots of nifty ways to maximise shelf space without committing to major changes. With a multi-tier spice organiser you can find what you need without rummaging, while turntable caddies make it easier to browse your kitchen shelves. You can boost your storage further with our racks and shelves, just slide them to take your shelving to the next level.

Drawer dividers: Trays for cutlery and utensils are essential to keep everything in its designated spot. We can’t imagine a kitchen without one! If you’ve got lots of drawer storage space, then it can be a struggle to prevent a ‘junk drawer’ from forming. Bin bags, clothes pegs and miscellaneous items will accumulate, so make sure you’ve got a Madesmart multi-compartment organiser at the ready!

Cupboards: Open boxes and wire baskets add a touch of order to any space. They’re an easy way to group your bakeware, contain floating cooking accessories and even store fresh produce like potatoes. Many of the baskets in our range are stackable too, so no space is wasted.

Countertop storage: Elevate your worktops with a strategically placed utensil pot and kitchen roll holder. Keeping your everyday essentials within arm’s reach will ensure a smooth cooking experience.

Sink tidies: We’ve all been there, when you turn around from cooking to discover the sink is a total mess! A good drying rack will do a lot to keep your washing up area in-check. Dirty dishes will quickly be transformed into orderly rows of crockery. With neat sink caddies for scrubbing brushes and sponges, your whole kitchen will shine.

How to Organise Your Kitchen Cupboard

Before setting off on a storage container shopping spree, take a moment to assess your cupboard organisation needs. Some kitchen storage solutions are more decisive than others; you don’t want to lock away your everyday cutlery or give your seldom used gadgets pride of place.

Our Tatay Baobab range of storage baskets can be fitted with lids for more secure stowing. These boxes are great for storing all sorts of odds and ends, from loose baking accessories to cleaning equipment. They’re light too, making them suitable for high cabinets or low.

For high cupboards, stacking isn’t always the most helpful solution. You want to be able to see what’s where and have it be within easy reach. Lower cupboards are great for pots and pans stashing away bulkier kitchen gadgets. Pull-out boxes and open baskets are great for easy manoeuvring and keeping everything categorised.

How to Arrange Kitchen Storage

Arranging your kitchen is an art, and a subjective one at that. The flow of your space, how you need to use it and who you’re sharing it with all come into consideration. The aim is to create a safe and systematic layout that suits your lifestyle.

We recommend roughly mapping your kitchen out into zones: cooking, food prep and washing up. This should help you decide where everything else lives, keeping the right equipment in the right place. For instance, store pots and pans in near the stove for easy access during cooking. If you’ve got a lot of cooking accessories, don’t be afraid to stack pots and pans in your cupboards. Our pan protection pads will prevent scratching and save space.

Deciding on your new kitchen arrangement can be very therapeutic. Make the most of this opportunity to imbue your small kitchen with calm. We’ve got guides to help you take on a cupboard declutter and a kitchen deep clean! Help your future self to stay on top of cleaning with our antibacterial shelf liner too, keeping your surfaces fresh for longer.

Once you get into the swing of home optimisations, you’ll be unstoppable. Next stop, rationalising your fridge! The heart of the home is the best place to start decluttering. We’ve got storage solutions for every corner of your kitchen, from cabinets to freezer drawers. Make the most of your kitchen with Lakeland.