How to Use, Enjoy, and Care for Your Electric Throw

When it comes to heating solutions, electric throws and blankets offer the optimal blend of comfort, efficiency, and style. Unlike the average home heating systems, these electric textiles use fuel sparingly. This means that you can enjoy soft, targeted warmth without the harsh financial sting.

Get ready for cosying up on your sofa without worrying about feeling chilly or umming-and-ahing about putting the heating on. With designs ranging from fluffy faux fur to classic knits, heated throws and blankets look like a chosen accessory rather than another heating appliance.

Follow our advice to make sure that you get the best out of your heated blankets and keep them going for many winters to come.

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Heating Up Your Blanket Before Use

In order to set yourself up for a snug experience, put your electric throw on for a warm-up period before hunkering down. It doesn’t take long to warm up, and it’ll be well worth the time.

Lakeland Heated Throw turned on whilst sitting in a chair with text "Something snug for everyone. Shop all heated throws"

If you’re using an electric blanket or throw for some super-comforting TV watching, spread the fabric out over your chosen seat and turn the heat on for a few minutes. Some models, like the Dreamland Fallow Deer Faux Fur Heated Throw take just 5 minutes to heat up. That’s all it takes for the warmth to start flowing, permeating into the fabric of your sofa for an extra warm welcome. Conveniently, 5 minutes is all you’ll need to run and make yourself a hot chocolate before snuggling down.

Consider using a short heat setting when warming your blanket before use. If you’re not sure how long you’ll be, then using a setting that will automatically turn off after a shorter wait is safest.

Make sure that you don’t cover the throw with any other blankets or cushions whilst the heat is on. Laying it out in full on the top of your sofa is the best and safest way to enjoy your heated throw.

With the StaySnug Embossed Super Soft Heated Throw, for instance, the default setting is 20 minutes. If you do get distracted before coming back to settle on the sofa, you can relax knowing the blanket isn’t blasting heat unnecessarily – but that your warm seat is waiting for you.

Explore Your Settings

Each of us have our own ideas of what comfortably warm feels like, so it’s worth exploring the settings on your heated throw to find the one that’s just right for you. If you find yourself sweating, then you’re probably not using your blanket or StaySnug heated poncho – or your fuel – efficiently!

Throws like the StaySnug Sherpa have nine different heat settings to try out, while others, like The Snuggler, keep it simple with three options. We suggest you start with the toastiest and use that for a short pre-heat, before working your way down to find your comfy temperature.

Can you fall sleep with a heated blanket?

Thanks to the automatic turn off timers, you can safely doze off with your electric throw over you. Depending on the setting, your blanket will switch off after a set period of time and you can doze on.

All our heated throws also have built-in overheating protection. If you do get a little too comfy and warm and start to drift off to sleep, you can rest assured that the blanket won’t keep on blasting heat to a dangerous degree.

How to Wash Your Heated Blanket Safely

In the chilly winter months, your heated throw will soon be your new can’t-live-without item. It’s a huge relief, then, to know that you can wash a heated blanket in a washing machine!

Proper care should always start with consulting the manufacturer’s guidelines. How your advised to clean and wash your throw will vary from model to model. Here are some broad recommendations to keep in mind.

If your heated blankets ever start to look a little too well-loved, detach your controller and cable from the blanket before washing. You can now pop the fabric element into the washing machine at a gentle 30°C, the delicate cycle is best. Don’t add any extra spin cycles after the wash as that could damage the blanket.

It’ll soon be feeling fresh! If you’re really looking forward to using it again, many throws can be dried in the tumble dryer. As with washing the blanket, make sure that you dry it on a delicate cycle. Your heated throw must be completely dry before you next switch it on, so don’t rush the drying process.

Handling and Storing Your Heated Throw

It’s important to take care not to crease the heating elements, either by folding it while it’s in use or when you’re stowing it away for the summer. This will wear the internal wiring. Instead, try gently rolling it up and storing it in a large protective container or bag. Make sure that you choose a cool, dry place, away from sharp objects or potential pests, to store it.

This means that when you unfurl it next year, heat will travel through the entire blanket as it should – no cold spots!

For anyone looking for an even more targeted heat source, Beurer Cosy Heated Foot Warmer or Heat Pad are some other must-have accessories. These are perfect for beating the chill and warming you up nicely.

Bracing for winter no longer means making peace with inflated energy bills. With electric throws and blankets, every household can find a balance between warmth, luxury, and budget. With the right accessories from our collection, chilly evenings aren’t just bearable; they’re delightful!