Homemade Chocolate Making

Making your own chocolates isn’t as difficult as you might think, though it helps to have the right kit to set you up for success, and we’ve got everything you need to melt, mould, temper, pipe and present chocolate gifts they’ll love. To help you decide between gifting a classic selection box, a novelty gift, or a little bag of flavoured truffles, you’ll find plenty of deliciously different inspiration to follow. Choc on!

Making Chocolate

If you’re just setting started on making chocolate we reccomend having a read of Master Chocolatier Paul A. Young’s guide on how to temper chocolate or if you’d like to have a go at making a ganache view his easy ganache recipe.

Chocolate Recipes

Our minty, moreish Peppermint Creams are the perfect gift for any sweet tooth. You need no specialist chocolate-making equipment for these – just a rolling pin, cutter, saucepan, bowl and baking parchment, plus a few tasty ingredients – and they’re sure to be a hit with anyone who’s a fan of festive flavours.

Fancy warming up with a homemade hot chocolate bomb? Get our recipe here.

Craving some chocolate truffles? Learn how to make smooth chocolate truffles here.

The gift of chocolate

Rich, sweet and meltingly moreish, chocolates are an always-well-received present, whether gifted for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because. And while it’s easy enough to go out and buy a box, there’s something extra-special about homemade chocolates, crafted with care and prettily presented for that truly personal touch. After all, nobody knows their favourite chocolates the way you do!

It’s so easy to whip up a special gift with our range of chocolate moulds from a classic bar, geometric hearts and even novelty moulds. Shop our chocolate moulds here and get creative with your flavours.

Finally, if you’re looking for some baking chocolate to get you started our Guittard range offers high quality dark, milk and mint chocolate chips perfect for homemade chocolate making.

Classic Chocolate Bar

Our Classic Chocolate Bar Mould makes four mini bars, each with 18 little squares, just the right size for giving as gifts or keeping for yourself (you deserve a treat too).

Chocolate Hearts

The geometric heart is taking over the baking world – and it’s no wonder when you see how stunning they look. And, although they may look difficult to make, it’s so easy to turn out perfect heart shaped chocolate with our Silicone Geometric Heart Mould, so you can give a whole bunch of hearts to the person that has won yours.

Every-one-a-favourite Selection Boxes

You just can’t beat a selection box of home-made chocolates – they’re so much more thoughtful than shop-bought – and it’s easy to make them with our Chocolate Box Shapes Mould. Made of flexible silicone, this mould has 6 different shapes, just like the ones you get in selection boxes – swirly-topped, fluted-edge hearts, stars, squares and dimple-topped – and lets you create up to 24 fabulous home-made chocolates in one go.

Novelty & Lookalikes

Novelty chocs might not taste any better than ‘normal’ ones, but if you’re looking for a fun twist on the traditional, try one of these gorgeous giftables.

Our Dinosaur Chocolate Shape Mould are perfect for your budding palaeontologist or when throwing a kids’ prehistoric party.

Why not make a festive chocolate making afternoon a little more exciting with our Rudolph Mould or our Christmas Cracker Mould?

Enjoy a chocolate cup filled with peanut butter? Why not make your own with our Lakeland Chocolate Cup Mould.