Get Christmas Ready with Lakeland

The festive season beckons, and, amidst the celebrations, we must also face some serious home cleaning. Organising your space in time for guests, dinners or just time spent relaxing in the home can be a real treat.

Tackle any cupboard chaos or grimy cookware systematically, following this guide. There’s nothing like kicking back with friends or family in fresh, tidy surroundings, free from the anxiety of clutter and unfinished housework. Give your home a Christmas sparkle that’ll last into the new year!

Clear the Clutter from Your Home

When you’re busy preparing for Christmas parties, dinners or even just looking for places to hide Christmas presents, clutter can feel like the enemy. You’ll want your home to be nice and clear before hanging up festive decorations or setting up to play Christmas games.

There are loads of clever storage solutions to make this process a smooth as brandy butter. Bung-it-in storage baskets can be filled up and filed away if you’re in a hurry. Or, if you have time to sort through your clutter, these shelf and drawer organisers will make a huge difference to your homelife, not just your Christmas!

If you’ve got guests staying with you, and the guest room has become an accidental wardrobe, then grab some vacuum storage bags. These are great for packing up seasonal clothing and protecting seldom worn items. You’ll feel so much more inclined to welcome guests and step into the spirit of Christmas if your home is clean and clear.

We’d also recommend planning for the mess and clutter that’s still to come. When wrapping paper strews the floor and leftover Brussels sprouts pile up on plates, make sure you’ve got spacious recycle bins and compost caddies to whisk the mess away. Then when boxing day comes around, you can relax knowing the house isn’t in a state of disarray.

Kitchen Organisation, A Christmas Wishlist

If you’re having family over for dinner or hosting a New Years party, then you’ll need to pay extra attention to your kitchen. Guests looking for glasses, bowls or another bottle of wine from the fridge will see everything – so make sure every cupboard and shelf is clean and presentable!

Organise your herbs and spices, make sure all your essentials are within reach – like bottle openers, snack bowls and filled ice cube trays – and do a thorough review of the contents of your fridge. With these specially designed fridge storage boxes, you can tidy away loose vegetables whilst also keeping them fresh and protected.

Once all your utensils are filed away in drawers or standing to attention in a utensil pot, it’s time for a quick review. Are your knives sharp enough? Do you need a new set, or do they just need a good sharpening? Is the non-stick on your frying pans and casserole pots still up to the task, or is it time for a refresh?

Now’s the perfect time to update your cookware to avoid any unnecessary stress over the holidays.

Clever Christmas Cleaning

Behind the scenes of all the fun and merriment, there’s at least one big home cleaning session. In order to make this as fast and pain-free as possible, here are some priority areas to focus your Christmas cleaning.

First, your oven. They get a lot of use at this time of year. Make sure that it’s sparkling and ready to go. Burned bits and leftover fats can ruin a meal, so it’s definitely worth giving your oven and hob some TLC. Use a good oven cleaner to make sure everything – including the racks – is squeaky clean. You can also line the base of your oven with our bestselling Magic Oven Liner. The liner can easily be removed and rinsed under the tap – a quick wipe will have it spotlessly clean and ready to be popped back into the oven.

Of course, you might be opting for a more modern Christmas dinner, cooking with an air fryer or slow cooker. These devices make for a fuel-efficient roast!

Second, the floors. Start the season right with sparkling clean kitchen floors. Grab a mop and the right floor cleaner for your surface, then give everything a sprucing up. Once you’ve done a deep clean, you only need a spray mop to stay on top of muddy footprints and sticky spilled drinks following your home celebrations.

Third, with all the extra food and drink around, it’s wise to have a reliable stain remover on hand. Wine No More! has saved many a sofa from dreaded red wine spillage – we’ve all been there! For your carpets too, it’s extra important to keep them stain and crumb free over Christmas. Sitting on the floor to open presents or get closer to the fire is all the more enjoyable if you’ve already run your vacuum cleaner across the room.

Decking the halls

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is decorating your home with the family. We all have our different traditions, whether it’s the homemade angel at the top of the tree, or a special bauble that’s been passed down through generations. And let’s not forget the age-old debate of colourful lights vs white lights!

Either way, it’s nice to add a few new signature Christmas decorations each year to freshen up your collection. Hang up a Christmas wreath that’ll make coming home for Christmas even more of a joy, or lights that’ll twinkling on as you countdown to the big day.

There’s no space in the home that can’t be glitzed up for the festivities. From Christmas candles on the mantlepiece and tableware that brings the cheer, to delicious advent calendars that’ll really challenge your self-control!

Be the Best Holiday Host

To be a truly fantastic host to friends and family this Christmas, all you need to do is nail a few details.

If you’re worried your guests might get chilly, pop a luxurious heated throw over their bed. You can keep them snug without having to heat the whole house for longer than necessary. Or slide a full hot water bottle under their duvet before they go to bed. With one of our long-lasting extra-long hot water bottles, this will be a five-star guest experience.

Other cute touches include Christmas chocolates on the nightstand and indulgent hot drink making sets next to the kettle. We’d also recommend using Beurer’s Aroma Diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere, sending out soothing scents and bathing the room in soft light. With all these thoughtful touches, your guests will love their stay!

Now all that’s left to do is relax and have a very merry Christmas – you deserve it.