Easy Christmas Baking Recipes For Kids

Over the holidays, we all fantasise that our homes will be filled with laughter and the smell of baking, but making this happen takes a bit of planning. If you’ve got children or grandchildren to entertain over the school break, then start gathering inspiration now! We’ve got lots of ideas for baking with the kids that’ll make for a blissful Christmas.

These Christmas baking ideas are great for kids of all ages. With the right equipment and a stocked kitchen, you’ll be able to have your festive fantasy – for a few hours at least!

Get Your Cookie Baking Ideas into Shape

On a chilly afternoon, nothing beats being in a warm kitchen filled with the smell of cinnamon and ginger. With the promise of fresh cookies on the cards, the kids will soon roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to an afternoon of baking and decorating.

There’s no right or wrong shape when it comes to biscuit baking and cutting. Use the classic stars and snowflake cutters, or try out the Santas and snowmen in our Christmas cookie cutting set. You can also create a mini festive fir by piling up these vanilla cookies, decorating them with a green icing, and adding a final sprinkle of your choosing. This vertical biscuit platter will add a touch of Christmas cheer – until it’s dissembled into festive snacks!

If there’s an artistic streak in your family, then try out this Gingerbread Cookie Garlands recipe. These gorgeous, sparkling, and lightly spiced cookies can double up as decorations for your tree and table. Use a snowflake icing cutter to create delicate cookie toppers for your bakes. Kids can experiment with different cutters, edible glitter, snowflake sprinkles, and all sorts of festive cake and cookie toppers.

Cupcake Decoration Party

When it comes to cakes, there are no bounds on creativity. This is a baking and decorating activity in which your children take can the lead. Get yourself set up for an afternoon of artistic and culinary exploration!

With the right cake decorating equipment, each treat can tell a different festive story. Watch as some transform into perfectly round snowball cake-pops! Up the challenge and create a giant hemisphere cake that can be the start of an edible snowman or, with the help of our cake toppers, a fir covered hilltop.

Our mini hemisphere cake moulds can be used to create all sorts of Christmas companions. These silicon animal shapes and icing stencils are easy to use and can create loads of different seasonal beasts! Set your kids up with some colourful sculpting icing and see winter robins, deer and foxes appear in your kitchen.

For older kids, baking ideas might need to offer a bit more technical challenge. Their decoration station could exercise their precision with edible food pens, icing airbrushes and an array of piping bags and nozzles. Ready, set, decorate!

Merry Mince Pies Made Easy

Ultimately, Christmas is about tradition. So don’t forget the classic, the real star of the show – the mince pie. With the Lakeland Pie Maker, even the youngest bakers can safely get involved in crafting this traditional treat.

Allow the kids to cut out pastry circles to line the hotplate, then spoon the sweet fruity mincemeat into the pie bases. Place another pastry circles on the top and when you close the machine, the two sides will be crimped together and cooked to perfection!

Once the pies are golden and crisp, give them a dusting of icing sugar to transform them into snowy treats. Of course, if you have more time to fill then use this recipe to make some mini mince pies the old fashioned way. Both will taste delicious with a glass of milk or mug of hot chocolate, so it’s a win-win.

So, unfold those aprons, grease those pans, and embark upon the delightful expedition of Christmas baking with the kids. Hopefully these ideas will add some holiday cheer and sweet treats to your holidays.