Doing a deep clean – the bathroom

Got some time on your hands? Been putting off cleaning the bathroom? Let’s talk toilets with the big bathroom deep clean.

The bathroom‘s an important room in any house, so it’s essential it remains as clean as possible, what with all the comings and goings of family life. Doing one big deep clean now will allow you to stay on top of it in the future with lots of little and more manageable flurries of cleaning.

Step one: clear those cupboards and surfaces

The first step in any deep clean is to get a good look at what you’re working with. It’s a good idea to empty your cupboards and clear your surfaces – that way you can clean everywhere – and we mean everywhere. Get yourself a cardboard box and pop all your shampoos, creams, lotions and potions in one place to give yourself room to clean.

Step two: time to scrub up

Get yourself a cloth and wipe away any dust from the inside of your cupboards and your countertops. Then get a bottle of surface cleaner, preferably something antibacterial, and spritz those surfaces – don’t be afraid to get into those nooks and crannies.

Step three: let’s talk tubs (and showers)

Soap and shampoo can build up over time and play havoc with the plughole in your shower. This can be a real pain, so it’s probably time to break out the plughole unblocker. Whatever your preferred method, it’s important that you do this step to keep the water draining freely from your tub/shower. After this, get on with a good old tub scrub ‒ arm yourself with a sponge and give that grime what for.

Step four: mirror, mirror on the wall

Splashes of toothpaste and fingerprints, begone! Get yourself a window or mirror cleaning spray and a cloth, and get to work. You’re blazing through this – you’re almost done!

Step five: a job you can ‘sink’ your teeth into

Let’s tackle the bathroom sink – the epicentre of the whole room. Clean the taps with a good surface cleaner and a cloth, or an antibacterial wipe. Scrub at any toothpaste marks and soap scum. Boom, done.

Step six: let’s love the loo

Get yourself a pair of rubber gloves, a toilet brush and some toilet cleaner. Time to get scrubbing ‒ take care to get at all the inside of the toilet bowl. When you’re done, we recommend you get some antibacterial wipes, or an antibacterial cleaner and a cloth, and treat the throne to a good old wipe. Make sure you clean the flush button, the back of the loo, the seat and the lid. To finish, add some bleach to the inside of the bowl, allowing it to run from the top to the bottom. Leave this to work its magic for half an hour, or longer if you can. You can leave this while you do the other jobs. Once the time’s up, give the loo a final flush and you’re done.

Step seven: time to sort your bathroom supplies.

Remember that box of bathroom goodies you cleared out of the cupboards? It’s time to go through it all. We suggest you create a storage system: keep all your different products in clusters, hair things here, face creams there ‒ this will make it so much easier when you come to use them in the future. Next, pop them back in the cupboards and you’re ready for the final job.

Step eight: let’s see to the floor

Time to have a good old mop up. Start from the far end of the room and work your way to the doorway, then when you close the door, you’re all done.

Bathroom defeated, you are victorious! Put the kettle on.

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