The best outdoor drying accessories

With the weather warming up, it’s time to let Mother Nature dry your clothes – she’s very good at it. Outdoor clothes drying is much cheaper than turning on your tumble dryer (free, in fact) and quicker than waiting for them to dry indoors. And with a rotary airer, when the wind’s blowing, the spinning action of the arms will get your laundry dry even quicker than a standard washing line.

Our handy guide will help you find the perfect accessories to give you a helping hand on laundry day, so you can enjoy that lovely line-dried freshness in no time. Because let’s face it, hanging your laundry out is far more enjoyable in the sunshine.

Lakeland Sock Clips

Socks and smalls take up a lot of room on washing lines and clothes airers, which is less than ideal when you’re stuck for space! Our handy sock clips are a multifunctional miracle, meaning no more dropped socks and draping excess laundry on radiators. Our sturdy sock clips solve more than one problem. You’ll not only organise your laundry, you’ll cut down on the amount of pegs you have to use (and lose), and dry more socks in less time. Our versatile sock clips aren’t just for socks; they will easily accommodate underwear, bibs, and other small items of clothing.

Metalex Double Retractable Clothes Line

Metaltex Double Retractable Clothes Line

As you may have noticed, this one isn’t a rotary airer, but it is a fab alternative if you want a washing line that disappears (almost) when it’s not in use, leaving you free to enjoy the whole of your garden.

This retractable clothing line is robust, weather-resistant plastic casing houses two 15-metre-long lines, each with a loop on the end to attach to a fence post, or garden wall, or to somewhere else in your house if you fix it indoors. You can use one or both lines at a time, and both retract neatly and safely back into the main unit when you’re done. And the lines can go in different directions too, so your washing will have room to blow about freely, without being too close to the clothes on the other line.

It’s easy to install, and comes with a pair of screws and standard brick wall fixings included, along with full instructions.

Lakeland Green Peg Bag

Our Lakeland Peg Bag makes pegging out a doddle featuring a convenient cross-body shoulder strap, so you can hang your washing hands-free. It’s portable and practical, designed to help you make the most of dry, sunny days. Its rounded construction means you can neatly house plenty of pegs, and its weather-resistant covering will protect your pegs from the elements. No more wet, rusty pegs; or worse, lost pegs on the lawn. And the cherry on top is that our peg bag is machine washable. We love smart, simple designs that make life easier.

Laundry basket

A good washing basket is your best friend on laundry day, and our Lakeland Collapsible Laundry Basket is packed with clever features to make transporting your laundry so much easier. It holds a generous 25 litres of wet washing, and has large comfort-grip handles for easy carrying between your washing machine and the line or the ironing board. The best part? It collapses down to just 7cm deep to make it easier to store when not in use.

Lakeland 32-Peg Rotary Airer Dryer

Get even more out of your rotary airer with this 32‐Peg Rotary Airer Dryer. Simply slot the dryer onto the main pole of your rotary airer and hang your socks and smalls onto the attached pegs to easily dry them all in one place. Thanks to the foldout hook that neatly packs away into the top of the frame, you don’t necessarily have to clip it to the pole of your airer ‐ why not hang it onto the back of the door in your laundry room for a little extra indoor drying space?

Large Soft Grip Clothes Pegs

Just the thing for securely hanging out larger, heavier items like duvets, bath sheets, blankets and wet jumpers and jeans, these superior quality Big Soft Grip Clothes Pegs share all the same attributes as their smaller counterparts – clothes-friendly cushioned grips that don’t leave marks, strong rustproof springs and raised ridges for easy handling. And we’re confident that once you’ve used them, you’ll never go back to using ordinary clothes pegs again.