Best Christmas Cake Ideas

It’s the season of togetherness, joy, and of course, indulgent festive treats. Christmas cakes come in many shapes, sizes, and with a huge variety of ingredients. From spices and nuts to rich chocolate slices and booze-soaked fruits, there’s so many ideas to choose from.

If you can’t choose, we understand. You’ll have to carve out time to make them all! With these easy Christmas cake recipes, it’s possible. Here’s our selection of the best cake ideas for Christmas 2023.

A Classic: The Christmas Fruit Cake

The quintessential Christmas Fruit Cake. A rich mosaic of raisins, cherries, and mixed peel, it’s an artwork that always takes pride of place amongst other seasonal puddings and sweet treats.

Our golden rule to get the best Christmas cake is to go all in – no half measures. If you’re making your own this year, make sure there’s enough for everyone with this Large Hemisphere Cake Pan. Get a perfectly smooth, domed cake on your first attempt – and every attempt after! Follow our Christmas Pud Hemisphere Cake recipe to make sure you’re all set by the time the holidays roll around.

Or follow this step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect Christmas cake. Adorn your merry fruit cake with a gentle brush of apricot glaze, a layer of marzipan, and a pristine blanket of royal icing. Or, get creative with snowflake icing cutters, crafting delicate, snowy shapes to grace the top of your festive cake.

If home baking isn’t on your Christmas schedule, don’t worry – you can still enjoy sweet, spiced cakes this holiday! Our Iced Damson Brandy Fruit Cake will satisfy everyone at the table, while this marzipan stollen makes for the perfect hot drink accompaniment.

Yule Love It: Christmas Log

When you’re coming home on a cold winter day, is there anything better than the cocoa-infused embrace of a sublime Christmas Log? This chocolatey swirl is one of the best Christmas cakes for making sure the whole family is happy.

Already, our Swiss Roll Tins are flying off the shelves as people get ready for festive baking. Of course, your yuletide treat might be quite different to the classic. We’ve got enough Christmas cake ideas and recipes to see you well into the new year!

Why not have a Christmas log filled with fresh raspberries, to brighten the winter evening? Or use coffee and hazelnut for a slice of sophistication that’ll pep you up in time for Christmas games!

Fill the sponge with spirals of lush chocolate ganache or cream, before blanketing the exterior with a dusting of icing sugar. You can pick up lots of Christmas chocolates and cake decorations to embellish this pudding to your tastes. It won’t last long, but at least it will look the part before it’s demolished!

Petite Sweets: Mini Christmas Cakes

At this maximalist time of the year, sometimes you have to scale things back to stand out. Keep your Christmas cakes merry but mini, with these small treat ideas and recipes. Perfect for gifting, sharing, or savouring solo.

Cake moulds are one way to achieve the petite puddings. Using this Silicone Christmas Tree Cake Mould is easy and on theme, while the Cake Pop Mould gives you creative license to create snowballs, robins or Christmas bauble cakes!

You can also unleash your baking imagination with the Lakeland 12 Hole Loose-Based Mini Sandwich Tin. It’s perfect for crafting a dozen mini cakes in a single batch. Explore the classics with our recipes for mini Christmas tree cakes and mini carrot cakes, filled with seasonal spices. 

For the best Christmas cakes and easy baking, make sure you’re well stocked with quality bakeware and decorating tools. These easy recipes and fun ideas will bring you plenty of Christmas cheer!