Our Best Bread Making Recipes

There’s nothing wrong with a classic loaf of crusty white or wholemeal, but there are a lot of different kinds of home-made bread that you can turn your hand (or bread maker) to creating, and we’ve got recipes to satisfy all of your I-quite-fancy-one-of-those cravings. Here’s a countdown of our top tried-and-tested recipes for all types of bread.

White and brown bread loaf

Simple Loaf

Craving a slice of a classic loaf? Our Simple White Loaf or Brown Seeded Loaf recipes are just what you need.

Vegan Bread

The big question that needs answering here is whether yeast is vegan – if it is, most bread will also qualify as vegan, as it’s generally made from a base of just four ingredients: flour, salt, water and yeast. Most vegans include yeast in their diet because it’s a fungus (like mushrooms) and its production doesn’t involve any animal exploitation or cruelty. Which means vegans can enjoy any bread with yeast in it, as long as it doesn’t contain any animal products like milk, butter or cheese. Start with our nutty Fig & Walnut Bread.

Garlic Bread

Our (and everyone else’s!) favourite side dish, and we’ve got a delicious recipe for pizza-style. And if you need gluten-free garlic bread? We’ve got a recipe for that too.


We like our cornbread with a little kick, which is exactly what you get with our American-inspired recipe for Chilli & Spring Onion Cornbread. Easy to make, it’s a delicious flavour-packed mix of chilli heat, yoghurt cool and spring onion fresh. And then there’s always our in-praise-of-maize Cheese & Sweetcorn Cornbread, which you don’t have to eat with Texan Beef Brisket but, well, it seems a little rude not to.


Light, flaky and heading from the wonderful world of bread into the equally lovely land of pastry, our recipe for Brioche Buns is a great place to start expanding your repertoire – and if it gives you the notion of turning your hand to making pastry for the first time, take a look at our easy-to-follow guide to perfect pastry.

Eggy Bread

Of course, you can always soak rounds of shop-bought bread in eggs and milk before frying them up (one of our absolute Sunday morning favourites), but if you’d prefer to serve up something a bit more sophisticated, check out our recipe for Egg Flatbreads.

Soda Bread

Want home-made bread now (well, very soon) without having to wait for dough to prove? Soda bread uses bicarbonate of soda (hence the name) as a raising agent, so it can go from mixing bowl to plate in a matter of minutes. Try our pan-fried Soda Bread Farls (the bacon is optional, but it makes for one of the tastiest bacon butties we’ve ever eaten), or, if you’ve got a slow cooker, how about turning out a loaf of Cranberry & Rosemary Soda Bread? It’s a bit of a festive favourite, but nobody’s going to complain if you serve it up in the middle of summer.

Sourdough Bread

Tangy, tasty, chewy sourdough has a lot of fans (we’re definitely among them) and it’s seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years. For those of you who aren’t quite ready to commit (to sourdough), try our Beginner’s Sourdough-Style Loaf. And for those of you who know that good things come to those who wait, take a look at our guide to how to make a sourdough starter.


focaccia with mozzarella cherry tomatoes rosemary

Sprinkled with sea salt and rosemary, sliced and served fresh from the oven, or lightly toasted, dipped into balsamic vinegar and olive oil… there’s no not-completely-delicious way to enjoy this Italian flatbread. Try making it by hand with our recipes for Italian tricolore-inspired Focaccia with Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes & Rosemary or Focaccia with Black Olives. And, if you’ve got a Remoska or Remoska Tria, they’ll bake our Rosemary, Red Onion & Parmesan Focaccia to perfection – it works just as well in either machine.

Bread and Butter Pudding

If there’s one way guaranteed to make ‘umble slices of bread and butter better, it’s pouring milk, cream, eggs, sugar and a whole host of delicious sweet things over them and putting them in the oven. Marmalade is one of our all-time favourite bread pudding flavours – it’s just like eating a dessert version of breakfast, which sounds like it maybe shouldn’t work, but really does. Then there are a couple of seasonal Remoska recipes that work just as well in a ‘normal’ oven – a spicy, zesty Easter take that uses hot cross buns, and an autumnal apple and orange offering that makes the most of any back garden windfall.

Gluten Free Loaf

Our best ever Gluten Free Seeded Loaf is the perfect loaf.

Banana Bread

Banana bread recipe

Bananas go brilliantly with and in anything – salted caramel and banana pie, anyone? And we must confess, we still have a soft spot for that instant classic pud of childhood, bananas and custard (if you’ve never experienced this work of culinary genius, give it a try – all you have to do is slice up a banana and pour hot custard over it). But banana bread is always, deservedly, going to be top of our banana-baking pops. The perfect combination of fruit, spice and, er, breakfast cereal, our banana bread recipe can be baked in the oven or cooked in a slow cooker. Either way – banana appétit!