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No more hassle

The quickest way to peel potatoes saving you time and effort.

Food prep

For getting everything ready quickly for stews, soups and salads.

Stoneware tagine

Now you can create North African cuisine the authentic way.

Hate cleaning the oven?

Try our Non-Stick Magic Oven Liner...

Kitchen Utensils

If you’re preparing any meal from scratch, whether you’re at home or in a Michelin-starred kitchen, you need the right tools at hand…and that’s why we stock a huge range of kitchen utensils, knives, gadgets and gizmos, from everyday spatulas, corkscrews, turners and tin openers to mashers, ricers, whisks, melon ballers and more.

After all, what kitchen drawer is complete without an avocado knife spoon combo or a toaster tong – they may seem unimportant (possibly even trivial?), but trust us – they are ever so slightly life-changing! While we jest in part, our utensil range can help make tiresome food prep much less irksome. Just check out our innovative potato mashers, for example which help to make perfectly smooth mash (or lumpy, if you prefer) quickly and with little effort!

If you’re looking to upgrade any of your kitchen equipment then we have loads of great Kitchen Utensil Sets from top brands, including Joseph Joseph. The range includes something for every kitchen, whether it’s natural wood, bamboo or brightly coloured silicone you’re looking for. And if you’re upgrading your kitchen, make sure you check out our sets of pots and pans as well as our roasting tins and baking trays to complete your kitchen kit.