Lakeland Small Multi-Purpose Stackable Wire Storage Basket - Black

Lakeland Small Multi-Purpose Stackable Wire Storage Basket - Black

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Lakeland Black Mesh Metal Storage Caddy

Lakeland Black Mesh Metal Storage Caddy

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Lakeland Kitchen Roll Holder
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Lakeland Kitchen Roll Holder

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Lakeland Black Mesh Metal Milk Bottle Holder

Lakeland Black Mesh Metal Milk Bottle Holder

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Robert Welch Signature Kitchen Roll Holder

Robert Welch Signature Kitchen Roll Holder

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Kitchen Racks and Stands

Your kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that most benefits from being well organised. An ordered kitchen allows you to find ingredients, utensils and kitchen appliances with ease when you need them. An organised kitchen is easier to cook in and to keep clean and tidy. It can also look stylish and can feed your inspiration.

Take control of your kitchen with our kitchen stands and racks. Whether you’re looking for a spice rack for your herbs and spices, stackable wire kitchen racks and baskets, pan racks and holders, or a new kitchen roll holder, we’re confident we’ve got the kitchen racks and stands for you.

How best to organise your kitchen?

Every kitchen is unique, but the following tips can help make any kitchen a more structured and easier to use space:

  1. Remove clutter: Be tough and get rid of the items your never use. Find alternative storage for other items you use rarely, like that carving set that only comes out at Christmas.
  2. Have a system: Dedicate certain areas of your kitchen for specific items. Group all your utensils in one location, all your pans in one place, and all your bottles in one cupboard.
  3. Use the right storage solutions: The right storage solutions – whether pan racks or holders for bottles – can help you maximise your storage space and make finding what you need as easy as it can be.
  4. Prioritise the items you use the most: Make sure the ingredients, utensils and kitchen gadgets you use the most are kept at the front of your cupboards, shelves and kitchen racks, whilst the items you use least often are stored at the back.

Transform your kitchen

An organised kitchen isn’t just satisfying and great to look at. In a well-ordered kitchen, you can easily find what you’re looking for, whether that’s kitchen utensils or ingredients, making preparing meals faster and smoother. Saucepan racks make it easy to find and grab the pan you need, whilst food storage racking lets you browse and select ingredients easily.

Kitchen racks, stands for your kitchen and other storage solutions can also transform how you use your kitchen surfaces and cupboards. Worktop racking can convert unused surfaces into attractive storage areas. Items like saucepan stands, stepped organisers and miniature turntables can turn a simple cupboard into a space specially customised to storing specific items.

Put loose items behind bars

Loose items can be a pain to store in kitchens. We all too often end up slinging fruit and veg, utensils odds and ends, and random kitchen flotsam and jetsam into any place that seems convenient. Many of us have at least one drawer in our kitchens used to house an utternly random assortment of kitchen bits and pieces.

But with our stackable wire storage baskets, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our baskets can hold a huge range of items – fruit, jars, utensils and cookbooks can all be stacked to maximise storage space. And best of all, as they’re open, you can easily see what they contain. No more rooting around in that kitchen drawer of doom!

Store spices in racks

Get those spices out of the cupboard and onto a spice rack where they belong! You don’t want spices taking up unnecessary room in cupboards and neither do you want them hidden out of sight. Spices should be out on show on a spice rack where they can be easily browsed and plucked up when you’re preparing meals. Having spices on display doesn’t just make cooking easier, it helps with inspiration. With a spice rack in eyesight when you cook, you can come up with new combinations and taste sensations on the spot.

Whip every room in your home into shape

As well as our multipurpose kitchen racks, saucepan stands and worktop racking, you’ll find a huge range of home storage solutions available at Lakeland. Including our kitchen storage, bathroom storage and food storage options.