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Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker 1.5L

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Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker 1.8L

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Lakeland Double Pot Ice Cream Maker

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Ice Cream Makers

Whether you go for deliciously indulgent ice cream, healthy-option frozen yoghurt or refreshing sorbet, yummy frozen confections are easy as pie with an electric ice cream maker to help. There’s no single best ice cream maker – it all depends on what’s right for you – but you’re sure to find one in our range that suits…

There are fully automatic, completely self-contained home-made ice cream makers from Cuisinart and Sage that turn out heaping bowlfuls of frozen deliciousness. Cuisinart's Ice Cream and Gelato Maker and Sage’s The Smart Scoop both let you add extra ingredients while they’re churning – and the Sage will even play an ice cream van tune when it’s done!

Or you could go for an ice cream maker where you freeze the bowl overnight beforehand, like Cuisinart’s Ice Cream Deluxe with its whopping 2-litre capacity, our smaller Digital Ice Cream Maker or its single-serving Mini cousin. With these ice cream machines, you just add your ingredients to the frozen bowl, pop on the lid and switch on… and then sit back as they churn your chosen treat.

Don’t want to invest in a separate ice cream maker, but already have a stand mixer? There’s an Ice Cream Maker Attachment for the KitchenAid that helps you create delicious soft-scoop ice cream, sorbet or frozen desserts.