Magimix Nespresso Vertuo Pop Coffee Machine Black
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Magimix Nespresso Vertuo Pop Coffee Machine Black

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Lakeland Coffee Pod Machine White

Lakeland Coffee Pod Machine White

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Magimix Nespresso Citiz Black with Milk 11317

Magimix Nespresso Citiz Black with Milk 11317

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Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine Red 18000072

Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine Red 18000072

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Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine With Milk Frother Black 18000216

Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine With Milk Frother Black 18000216

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Coffee pod machines

What’s the easiest way to make barista-quality coffee at home? Good question. Whether you’re a first-time machine buyer moving on from instant, or are a long-term coffee lover who can’t start the day without a quality espresso, a coffee pod machine is the sleek, simple-to-use machine for you.

Quick, clean and easy

Making the perfect coffee from scratch used to be a fine art reserved for the very best baristas, but thanks to the clever technology that goes into making today’s coffee pod machines, preparing your aromatic coffee at the press of a button couldn’t be quicker, easier or cleaner.

How do coffee pod machines work?

Simply select your coffee capsule, drop it in and turn it on. Some pod machines are ready to brew in as little as 20 seconds (even most kettles can’t complete with that speed) so even if you’re rushing out to work, you won’t have long to wait for a perfect brew. And you won’t have to queue in a coffee shop while the barista does his stuff either. Best of all? There aren’t any filter papers to replace, or any coffee grounds that make a yucky mess of your sink. Just throw away the pod, or even better – pop compostable coffee pods on the heap with the rest of your kitchen waste. It’s a win-win-win!

Size matters

Unlike a lot of big electric coffee makers, pod machines tend to be small and streamlined, so they’ll fit right in on your kitchen worktop. Their sleek looks mean you won’t mind them being out on display, and they’ll make brilliant gifts for the coffee obsessed. You get a lot of bang for your buck from them too, as many use the same state-of-the-art technology as their bigger bean-to-cup counterparts. Meaning you get flavour-packed coffee without the hefty price tag. Nice.

Which coffee maker should I buy?

It’s not all about looks. It’s what’s in the cup that counts, and coffee pod machines use high bar pressure to extract the best from the pod and deliver rich, aromatic coffee that you’d happily sip at any Italian coffee shop. Fancy espresso one day, and lungo or Americano the next? It’s worth checking out a few different machines. Some have pre-set cup sizes, but you might prefer one with a programmable length. Like your coffee with milk? Choose a pod machine with a milk frother for creamy, frothy coffees like cappuccino and latte. Got a 5-cup-a-day habit? Look for a water tank big enough to keep you in coffee all day long. Whether it’s a Nespresso pod machine, Lavazza or Magimix, each capsule coffee machine we sell comes with our 3-year guarantee, and many have a manufacturer’s guarantee too. And we can most definitely vouch for our Lakeland pod machine.

Spend now, save later

If you’re trying to tighten your belt, but a proper barista-style espresso is the one little luxury you can’t give up, fear not. When you add up how much you’re spending on a takeaway coffee every day, it’s a pretty penny. We still want you to have your coffee and drink it, and though it might cost a little to buy your coffee pod machine in the first place, it’ll soon pay for itself, and will go on saving you money the longer you use it.

You’ll need to plan for your pods too, and with so much choice, you don’t have to spend much to enjoy a café-style coffee from a capsule. You'll find a great range of biodegradable coffee pods in our stores and online (not all pods fit all machines so make sure you check which fits your model), and the supermarkets offer great alternatives if you fancy a change from Nespresso coffee pods. If you’ve got your eye on a bean-to-cup coffee machine but aren’t sure which one to buy, take a look at our handy guide.