Lakeland 6 Reusable Bouquet Garni Bags

Lakeland 6 Reusable Bouquet Garni Bags

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Salter Bamboo 16-Jar Rotating Spice Rack

Salter Bamboo 16-Jar Rotating Spice Rack

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Spice organisers & wall racks

Add a little spice to your life (and to your cooking) with a dedicated spice organiser, designed to make seasoning simpler. We’ve got a great range of spice racks in stock, with and without jars, so you can keep your herbs and spices in order and find what you need with ease when you’re cooking.

Spice racks make it simpler to keep track of your seasonings. Storing herbs and spices in clear and easy reach means no more frantic rummaging around to unearth the oregano or root out the rosemary, only to discover your jars are empty. And if you go for a wall-mounted spice rack, you can free up precious space in the cupboards or drawers, too.

Fresh flavours

Fresh flavours matter when it comes to seasonings. Herbs and spices can rapidly lose their potency if they’re not stored properly, which is why our stainless steel spice organisers can be such a great option for creating moreish meals to savour. Check out our spice tins - traditionally known as masala dabba in India - for a versatile selection of pre-mixed spice blends and rubs, all packaged up for freshness in a handy storage tin, along with the cutest little spice spoon.

Spinning around

Keen cooks who enjoy rustling up tasty tagines and creamy curries on a regular basis can’t go wrong with a spice carousel. Designed to sit on the worktop and hold a number of herbs and spices over one, two or more tiers, carousels are a modern take on the traditional spice rack with jars that make it extra easy to reach what you need, when you need it. Ready-filled jars can be kept close at hand, and with pour, shake and seal settings, they couldn’t be more convenient to use when it’s time to turn up the flavour of your favourite dishes.

Shake things up

Flavouring delicious dishes just got a whole lot easier - pre-filled herb shakers are a compact, convenient solution to seasoning, and they’ll leave extra room in your spice organiser for other additions. Cole and Mason may be known for their wide range of salt and pepper mills but they’ve also come up with an ingenious herb shaker, pre-filled with five favourites: basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary and thyme. Simply turn the lid to pour or sprinkle the seasoning of your choice for a space-saving herb and spice storage solution.

Rack it up

Our range of spice organisers covers everything from racks and tins to shakers, so you can choose something that suits your space. If your kitchen is compact, a wall-mounted spice rack can help you make the most of the room available and leave your countertops free for food prep. We’ve got some great wall spice racks to choose from, in wooden finishes for that traditional charm and durability. Check out the range from T&G Woodware for products that combine timeless style with quality craftsmanship, and with different sizes available, you’re sure to find a wall-mounted spice rack to more than accommodate your selection of seasonings.