Lakeland Drawstring Bread Storage Bag – 36 x 46cm

Lakeland Drawstring Bread Storage Bag – 36 x 46cm

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Bread bins & storage bags

Bread bins make for practical (and often stylish) ways of ensuring loaves last longer: After all, there’s nothing more disappointing than reaching for stale or soggy bread when you need a quick toast fix. Our wide range of bread bins and storage bags are intelligently designed with clever features to preserve freshness while giving off some serious style, so you can keep more bread in the bread bin and less in the waste bin.

Modern bread bins are made to incorporate a variety of benefits, such as ventilation holes to allow air circulation and excess moisture to escape, or durable wooden lids that can double up as chopping boards when necessary. If worktop space is at a premium then our bread bags are an ideal space-saving alternative - hang them up anywhere out of the way to free up space on your kitchen counters.

Functional and fresh

If function wins over style in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with an airtight bread bin made from strong, sturdy plastic. LocknLock’s bread box is specially designed to look after loaves with its 100% airtight and watertight seal, as well as an integral tray that raises the contents slightly for better air circulation. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning, and plenty big enough to store a couple of loaves at the same time.

Bagged up

If you need to maximise space in your kitchen and there’s not an empty surface in sight, you can still store your bread for extra freshness by investing in a bread bag or two. Our bread bags are practically designed to stop bread drying out - just pop in a loaf, bread buns or bagels and hang it somewhere convenient by its drawstring, whether that’s in a cupboard, in the pantry or within easy reach of the toaster. We’ve got a couple of sizes to choose from, to fit a standard or a large-sized loaf.

A slice of the action

Imagine how much space you’d save in the kitchen with a bread bin that could do more than just contain your loaf, but act as a cutting board, too? We dared to dream and came up with just the solution: a stylish bread bin with a bamboo lid that doubles up as a bread board. Oh, and we’ve teamed it with a serrated bread knife and even thrown in a cotton bread bag, too, making it the perfect gift for bread-loving bakers.

Stylish storage

Bread tins can add style to any kitchen, combining classic appeal with contemporary features. Our fantastic range of bread tins are made from durable coated steel to keep the contents cool and fresh for longer. Finished in neutral contemporary colours with modern shapes, we’ve got bread bins that stack and nest, as well as options with wooden lids that double up as a chopping board in a pinch. Browse a wide selection of bread bins from top brands like Mason Cash and Typhoon all under one roof here at Lakeland.