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Fresh Stretch Silicone Pods

Keep fresh leftover fruit and veg for when you need it

Planning Ahead

We're big fans of batch cooking and home freezing here...

Are you doing your bit?

Say goodbye to use-once-and-throw-away bags...

Food Containers

For salads, snacks, leftovers or for freezing batch-cooked soups

Food Storage Containers & Bags

The secrets of a smooth-running kitchen? Great food storage solutions. It's one of our specialist areas here at Lakeland, and we've scoured the world for the best innovations for you. We're here to help you extend the shelf life of your food and reduce waste. And while we’re at it, we’ll help you to keep it organised so that it's easy to store and easy to access - whether it’s in the fridge, freezer, cupboard or pantry.

Our great range of kitchen storage ideas include food containers, jars and more. Dry bulk foods, cereals, baking ingredients, you name it: we have the right food storage containers to fit your shelves. And you can say goodbye to use-once-and-throw-away food bags, with our reusable range which are completely dishwasher safe.

Trying to keep the fridge freezer in order? We have dedicated storage for each eventuality. Your leftovers will love our huge selection of airtight, BPA-free food boxes, which are all set to stack and store. Batch cooking is a breeze with our wide range of fridge and freezer bags, while our preserving bags include specialist holders for bananas, onions and potatoes, as well as zipper bags for every edible under the sun.