Artesa Cheese Platter & Knife Set

Artesa Cheese Platter & Knife Set

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T&G Large Plain Glass Dome

T&G Large Plain Glass Dome

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Cheese Boards

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a summer BBQ, or an indulgent Sunday brunch, a platter of cheeses is a great way to bring a smile to your guests’ faces and to delight their tastebuds.

There are so many different types and flavours of cheese. And once you’ve selected your perfect balance of tastes and textures, you’ll need a cheeseboard that best shows off your selection. At Lakeland, we’ve got marble cheeseboards, wooden serving platters, cheese board sets and cheese board stands, even cheeseboards with mini draws to store your cheese knives. You’ll find everything you need to make the most of your cheese courses. All except for the actual cheese.

Wow your guests with cheese

With a good cheeseboard, you can unleash your creativity and offer up a selection of fantastic tastes. There are no rules or limits on the cheeses you can combine. You can keep it traditional and serve chunks of Brie, Stilton and Camembert with grapes. You can order your cheese selection by country, or you can even put on themes like all goats’ cheeses for Easter.

And cheese boards can look spectacular too. A selection of cheeses of different colours and textures, artfully arranged, and with the right decorations and adornments, can make a wonderful centrepiece to a table. As can the right cheeseboard itself, like our gorgeous Marble and Acacia Display Stand or our stunning patterned Marble and Acacia Serving Paddle.

Should I serve cheese before or after dessert?

This is the sort of thing wars are fought over. Some insist the cheese course should be served before dessert, others maintain it should be served after. But what do the experts say? Well, the experts say there is no definitive answer. Typically, in France cheese is served before the dessert, whilst in the UK it’s served after. We say, create your own traditions and serve your cheese whenever you want. Serve it before or after dessert, or even as a meal in itself. Place a large plain glass dome over your cheeseboard to keep it fresh, and you can serve up your cheese at multiple times throughout a party or family day.

How many cheeses should I serve on a cheese board?

Some say you should always serve an odd number of cheeses, but again there’s no hard and fast rules here. You can decide based on how many guests you have and how much room you have on your cheeseboard.

It’s a good idea to serve a selection of strengths and textures, from milder goats’ cheeses and harder varieties like Cheddar or Manchego to stronger cheeses like Camembert or Stilton. A large sized cheeseboard will make sure you have plenty of space for your selection.

What else should I serve with a cheese board?

One of the best accompaniments for a packed cheese board is fruit, whether that’s fresh, dried, or the liquid kind. Try adding fresh grapes, strawberries, blueberries, melon or slices of apple or pear to your cheese platter. Dried figs, apricots and dates go well too.

Of course, wine goes wonderfully with cheese. Which wines you should pick will depend on the cheeses you’re serving – port and Stilton and champagne and Brie are both classic combinations. Generally, a good rule is the stinkier the cheese, the sweeter the wine.

Other tasty additions to a cheese serving board are crackers, cuts of bread, slices of dried meat and jams and preserves. Our Cheese and Crackers Bamboo Serving and Chopping Board is the perfect serving board to throw together an array of cheeses and other nibbles.

With our help, and our fantastic selection of cheeseboards, cheese serving boards and other accessories, you’ll soon be serving cheese platters that will delight friends and family.