Knife Sharpeners

There's no point having the best knives around if you don't look after them and sharpen them regularly. Recognising that a safe knife is a sharp knife, Lakeland has a wide range of knife sharpeners to help you keep blades bright. Knives are our constant kitchen companions, but it's amazing how quickly they lose their edge. Not surprising when you think of the jobs they're expected to do. All that cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing, peeling and paring is bound to take its toll. A blunt knife requires more pressure to cut and as a result is harder to control. Thankfully restoring your blades back to their former glory doesn't need any skill, just a good knife sharpener, knife steel or whetstone.

Many models require you to simply pull the blade through the electric or manual sharpener where coarse and fine sections firstly sharpen, then hone the blade. Safe and fast, they can make blunt blades glint in seconds. A Whetstone functions in a similar way with a different levels of coarseness enabling you to firstly sharpen the dull blade then restore the sharp edge. These are ideal for straight edged knives as are the traditional sharpening steels.

If that all sounds like too much hard work, why not choose an Edgekeeper Knife which incorporates a built in sharpener in the sheath so you’ll never have a blunt knife again. Learn more about Edgekeeper Knives in our article Edgekeeper Knives: The knives that sharpen themselves.