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Variety of Lakeland bakeware being displayed on a kitchen worktop
Lakeland 12 Hole Loose Based Mini Sandwich Tin

Lakeland 12 Hole Loose Based Mini Sandwich Tin

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Lakeland 12 Hole Deep Bun Tin

Lakeland 12 Hole Deep Bun Tin

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Lakeland Mini Morsel Set

Lakeland Mini Morsel Set

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Lakeland 12 Hole Bun Tin

Lakeland 12 Hole Bun Tin

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Kids' Real Cookware 48pc Ultimate Baking Gift Set

Kids' Real Cookware 48pc Ultimate Baking Gift Set

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Muffin and Cupcake Tins

Blueberry, banana, chocolate chip, vanilla – the list of tantalising muffin flavours truly is endless… Regardless of which type is your favourite to bake, you won’t get very far at all if you don’t have a good muffin tin to cook them in.

So, let us introduce our wonderful collection of muffin and cupcake tins for all your baking needs. As well as traditional trays made from hard-wearing, oven-safe materials, you’ll spot extra-small muffin pans that are perfect for whipping up a few dozen mini morsels for parties, BBQs or bake sales.

What’s the difference between a muffin and a cupcake tin?

Just as cupcakes tend to be slightly smaller than muffins, so too are the tins you cook them in. Our cupcake trays come in standard sizes to match your average cupcake cases, plus extra-large and super small options if you’re keen to give your weekly baking a more unique spin.

When it comes to mouth-watering muffins, why not make things a little bit easier with a non-stick muffin baking tray featuring loose-based bottoms? These types of tins let you avoid the use of muffin cases altogether – great if you ever forget to buy some or simply want to craft some delicious mini-filled sponge cakes instead.

Specialty cupcake tins

Baking a very specific kind of muffin? Browse our tins and trays that are a little out of the ordinary. Our bun tins are the perfect depth and width for cooking large breakfast muffins and summer afternoon favourites such as scones and rock buns.

We’ve also got baking tins that are shallower than usual, making them an excellent choice for cooking tarts and pies. Or how about whipping up a tray of buttery madeleines in one of our specially shaped madeleine tins?

You’ll also notice a few moulded silicone cupcake trays that are a brilliant solution for stress-free – and stick-free – baking. Simply pour the batter in, bake it in the oven and pop your moreish cupcakes straight back out!

Cupcake tin sets

Want to get more out of your cupcake tin? Consider one of our baking tin sets that come with a host of additional accessories to help you produce sensational showstoppers without putting in loads of extra effort.

Perfect pies are just a click away thanks to our mini morsel sets. Not only do they feature a tray to create 24 bite-size treats in, but they also have a wooden pusher to help you expertly press down your pastry.

Got kids who are budding little bakers? Discover our colourful children’s baking sets that come with everything they’ll need to prep, bake and decorate a batch of tasty fairy cakes or yummy muffins.

In need of even more brilliant bakeware? Get ready to craft some seriously delicious sponges with our selection of cake tins, including options with loose bases that make transferring cakes from the oven to a cooling rack a real breeze.