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Perfobake Loose Based 25cm Perforated Quiche Tin

Perfobake Loose Based 25cm Perforated Quiche Tin

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23cm Enamel Base Loose-Based Round Tart Tin

23cm Enamel Base Loose-Based Round Tart Tin

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Diamond Blue Loose Based 25cm Flan, Tart and Quiche Tin

Diamond Blue Loose Based 25cm Flan, Tart and Quiche Tin

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Diamond Blue Loose Based 20cm Flan, Tart and Quiche Tin

Diamond Blue Loose Based 20cm Flan, Tart and Quiche Tin

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Flan, Quiche and Tart Tins and Dishes

Flans and tarts are the pinnacle of home-baked puddings, whilst nothing tastes quite like a quiche. And although you can buy some decent quiches, tarts and flans from the shops, they taste their best by far when they’re made at home.

With our wide selection of high-quality quiche tins and tart and flan dishes, you’ll be able to take the hassle and uncertainty out of baking, so you can focus on whipping up your own delicious homemade desserts and quiches.

Tarts, flans and quiches tailored to your tastes

On top of the perfect pastry, a glorious glaze and celebrated caramel custard, the best bit of tarts, flans and quiches is their customisability.

You can get really creative with your homemade tarts, flans and quiches. You can perfect your own quiche Lorraine recipe, or you can venture out into ricotta and leak quiche, or even ham, pineapple and cheddar.

And you can layer your favourite fruits on tarts, opt for custard or chocolate, or decorate with nuts and berries. With over twenty different national varieties of flan, you’ve got plenty to experiment with. You can adapt your home recipes to best suit your own tastes and those of your friends and family.

Tart, flan and quiche tins that are a cut above

Home baking, although often rewarding and great fun, doesn’t always go smoothly. Your quiches or tarts might not cook all the way through. Your pastry can crumble. Your flan can sag. And your quiche can stick to your quiche tin like concrete and be impossible to remove without it becoming fancy scrambled eggs.

You can avoid these baking calamities by using quality, expertly designed bakeware. Our non-stick, loose bottom tart tins with removable bases are super-simple to get tarts and quiches out of. Anodised flan and tart tins encourage heat distribution for even baking. Perforated baking tins improve the flow of heat and air for even better results. You’ll find the perfect quiche dishes, flan tins and tartlet tins to experiment with in our range.

Silicone quiche trays and tartlet tins

Silicone is a material revolutionising cooking. But if you’ve never baked with the soft, rubbery substance, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not something you’d want to slide into a roaring oven. But silicone can withstand oven temperatures up to 200°C and sometimes beyond.

Silicone disperses heat evenly during cooking, helping to ensure you get a uniform, all over bake. Micro-perforations also allow unwanted moisture to escape. This all means that silicone bakeware can help ensure you don’t end up with crisp crusts but soggy bottoms!

It’s also super-flexible. And with a non-stick coating, you can slide quiches and pop tarts out of silicone dishes and mini tart tins with ease.

Perfect your pastry

Pastry is the foundation of a good tart or quiche, and at Lakeland you’ll find everything you need to master perfect pastry at home.

As well as our quiche dishes, flan tins and tartlet tins, you’ll find full pastry making kits with everything you need to use alongside your baking tins, including those fun weighted balls used for blind baking. We’ve also got a full range of baking ingredients and baking accessories, featuring a wide selection of baking tins, sheets and trays.

Whether you’re baking desserts or savoury quiches or pies, you’ll find all the baking accessories and tools you’ll need at Lakeland.