Christmas Crackers

What looks great on the table, cracks when you pull it, makes you laugh and often contains a hat? It’s not a joke. Even better. It’s Christmas crackers.

Christmas crackers are one of our favourite festive traditions, and one that’s pretty much uniquely British. The first Christmas crackers were made around about 1850 by Tom Smith, a London-based sweet maker. And although they caught on in the UK, they’re rarely seen outside of Britain. Since then, Christmas crackers have continued to be a fantastic way to bring instant Christmas cheer to the dining table. The cracking is fun enough, but then you’ve got the gifts they contain, from paper hats and jokes to toys and games.

Christmas crackers aren’t something to skimp on, they’re an important tradition and bags of fun. You’ll see that from our excellent collection of Christmas crackers in our Lakeland Christmas shop.

Christmas crackers, a serious business!

We take our Christmas crackers seriously and they take a proud place amongst our Lakeland Christmas range. Our buyers have carefully selected only the best crackers (we’ll leave it to you to imagine how much fun it is to test them) for our collection. You’ll find an array of quality and diverse Christmas crackers, from luxury Christmas Crackers and traditional styles to homemade style Christmas Crackers and unique and unusual Christmas crackers.

So, if you've ever wanted to get the family together to enjoy some simple, yet incredibly fun, games around the table, we’ve got the crackers for you. From our totally bonkers Racing Gonk Crackers to our charming Stacking Presents Crackers, our exclusive Christmas Crackers will help you have a unique Christmas dinner you won’t forget in a hurry.

If you’d prefer to add your own customised gifts and treats to your crackers this year, we’ve got what you’re looking for with our fill your own crackers too. Because you can select the Christmas cracker gifts you put in each cracker, you can tailor them to the individual recipients around your table, so there'll be no disappointed faces or unwanted gifts at the end of the meal. Hopefully not anyway…

Sustainable & Eco Christmas Crackers

Everyone loves a cracker on Christmas Day, but no one is a fan of all that hard-to-recycle waste you're left with once they've been pulled.

This year, our lovely Christmas elves (our buyers) have found some greener alternatives, so you don't have to miss out on this fun tradition because of ecological worries. Our bigger-and-better-than-ever range of eco-friendly Christmas crackers make super table decorations, and are all made from glitter-free, foil-free, fully recyclable card, so they can go straight in the recycling when you're done, packaging and all. And the only plastics you'll find anywhere inside them are either made out of biodegradable 'eco plastic' or come with a storage bag so you can keep them safe and use them over and over again.

Go on, get pulling those crackers, laugh at those cheesy jokes and enjoy a magical Christmas with a clear conscience!

Take a look at our full eco-friendly Christmas gifts too, and our full eco-friendly Lakeland range to make this year’s Christmas the greenest you’ve ever had.

Christmas crackers and so much more

Whilst you’re browsing our collection of fantastic Christmas crackers, be sure to take a look at our full Christmas range. We’ve put together a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts, Christmas food and drink, stocking fillers and so much more. Triple-up on the festive flare at your table with some Christmas table decorations and Christmas table settings to go along with your crackers.