About Turtle Mat

With their impressive range of super-absorbent mats, which can be used both indoors and outside, Turtle Mat aim to keep our homes clean and hygienic spaces.

Founded in 1996 by James Turtle, who put all of the knowledge from his background in home cleaning into the product, The Turtle Mat Company began trading their highly-absorbent cotton door mats at country fairs around the UK. The Turtle Mat, unlike other doormats, is made from densely packed tufts of high quality cotton which instantly traps dirt, dust and wetness from shows, boots and paws. Their non-slip base are non-damaging and minimise creep on both carpets and hard floors.

Since being sold to new owners in 2004, Turtle Mat has expanded its business to include new products and designs. Turtle Mats can now be used in most rooms around the home, and come in a wide array of colours and designs to ensure they fit in with your house's look and feel. Catching dust and dirt before it is comes into the house, Turtle Mats also act as protection for floors and carpets. They are made to be machine washable, for easy cleaning when they need a quick refresh, meaning your Turtle Mat will last for years to come.