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Ooni Pizza Ovens and Accessories

If you long for authentic, wood-fired pizza but can never achieve the desired effect in a standard oven, then this Ooni range is just for you.

The Ooni is super-fast to cook with, remarkably cheap in comparison to other wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens and compact enough for even the smallest yard or garden. Fuelled by special

Ooni wood pellets or a handy gas burner attachment, it heats quickly. The pizza stone inside soaks up the heat from the flames and then releases it into your food to give you crisp-crusted pizza in as little as 90 seconds – so the whole gang can be tucking into home-made, wood-fired pizza within minutes!

What good would a portable pizza oven be without a range of accessories? The cover helps to protect your Ooni oven from the elements but also doubles as a carry bag so you can easily transport it from the garden to the beach or wherever you choose. And, if you're feeding hungry crowds you can purchase extra pizza peels so one pizza can be prepared while the other cooks.

For some homemade pizza ideas to cook in the ooni why not head over to our blog. There is some great inspiration and something a bit different to the normal pizza combinations that you'll find in the shops and restaurants!