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Once you’ve used a Lock & Lock container there will be no turning back.

LocknLock containers being showcased holding a variety of foods from cumumber, olives, and rice

LocknLock containers

Locknlock containers have been preserving food for freshness since 1978; now, the brand serves customers in 120 countries around the world. With decades of experience, it’s no wonder LocknLock’s food containers with locks are so effective against leaks and staleness. From cereal dispensers to bread boxes, you’ll find a vast range of LocknLock containers to choose from here at Lakeland, all designed to offer the same top quality performance when it comes to food preservation.

Lock in the freshness

A kind of lockable Tupperware, Lock and Lock storage containers are made from robust BPA-free polypropylene or glass for durability, and designed with hinged locks that snap shut to create a completely airtight, water-tight silicone seal. Some products, like the nesting food storage tubs, have a screw-on lid with a silicone seal, making them just as effective as their locking counterparts. The whole range of Lock n Lock products is sturdy enough to be used time and again with minimal wear and tear, and each product comes with a reassuring lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.


Lock & Lock food storage containers are versatile for storing everything from a packed lunch to leftovers. Just pop in whatever you want to save and seal the tub - your favourite foods will remain as delicious and fresh as the moment they were made. Use your LocknLock food containers for cereal, biscuits and crackers, or even a dressed salad or granola with yoghurt - you can transport your containers to work or a picnic with confidence, thanks to the airtight, waterproof seal.

Safe storage

Lock n Lock containers aren’t just hardwearing and handy for storing food in a spill-proof way; they’re also food safe. Free from BPA, these plastic food containers won’t leach dangerous chemicals into their contents during storage, or when heated - that’s right, you can even use your Lock and Lock food storage containers in the microwave to reheat leftovers (which can mean less washing up, too). And what about keeping your food fresh for the future? LocknLock’s food containers with locks create an effective seal that makes them perfect for popping in the freezer without worrying about freezer burn.

Space savers

If your kitchen is on the small side, Lock and Lock storage containers can be perfect. With a wide range of products to choose from here at Lakeland, you’ll find some great space saving options, like nesting pots and boxes. Available in different sizes, LocknLock’s nesting containers easily slot inside one another when they’re empty, reducing their footprint to the size of a single box or pot. And when they’re full, the containers are stackable, so you can make use of vertical space in your fridge or on countertops.

Cake it away

As well as helping you cut back on food waste by keeping everything fresher for longer, Lock n Lock also have a range of handy caddies designed specifically to preserve and transport cakes and bakes. It’s never been easier to keep your cakes fresh thanks to these cake carriers’ silicone seal and there are different models to choose from for both round and square cakes, with lids that secure in just a few clicks. Some options even have a special raised base to prevent soggy bottoms as well as a helpful carry handle, and of course, they double up as storage for other types of food so you can transport everything from cakes to canapés to parties or events.