The Curver Story

Taking its name from the surnames of its two founders, Pierre Curtius and Ad Verschuren, Curver specialises in plastic homeware and household products.

Through their dedication to plastic, Curver's current range of storage solutions attempts to combine the lightweight and durable properties of plastic with the aesthetics of more premium materials. The 'Style' range, for example, gives the attractive appearance of natural rattan fibres with the convenience and robustness of plastic, while the more recent 'Knit' range gives an authentic look and feel of resin products. Because of their plastic construction, however, Curver's products are sure to last a long time, no matter how many loads of washing they carry.

Also producing pedal-operated kitchen bins, Curver's products provide clever storage solutions in every room of the house, whether it's the bedroom or the utility room. Often unsung heroes of the home, Curver's products help keep everyday life ticking over like clockwork.