Fridja F10 Raf Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer – Black F10BLK

Fridja F10 Raf Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer – Black F10BLK

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£74.99 £89.99
Lakeland Handheld Garment Steamer

Lakeland Handheld Garment Steamer

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Lakeland Digital Steam Iron 250ml

Lakeland Digital Steam Iron 250ml

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Tefal Automatic Dewrinkling, Sanitising, and Drying Clothes Care Cabinet YT3040G0

Tefal Automatic Dewrinkling, Sanitising, and Drying Clothes Care Cabinet YT3040G0

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Lakeland Cordless Steam Iron 320ml

Lakeland Cordless Steam Iron 320ml

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EazzyPress Quick Iron with Travel Accessories

EazzyPress Quick Iron with Travel Accessories

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Irons and Clothes Steamers

If you want to look your best, you want clean, crisp, wrinkle-free clothes. Nothing spoils your look faster than creases in your dress, wrinkled trousers or a crinkly shirt under a suit jacket. But with older clothes irons, ironing can a real chore. It can take what feels like years to press and steam all the creases and wrinkles out of clothes, especially garments with sleeves and collars, like shirts.

At Lakeland, we don’t want you to spend hours in front of your ironing board. You’ve got better things to do. We all have. That’s why our team of expert buyers have put together a selection of modern, high-performance irons and clothes steamers that can help you make short work of your ironing pile. Our irons include up-to-date features like non-stick ceramic soleplates, variable steam settings and auto shut-off options. We’ve got travel irons, handheld clothes steamers and steaming cabinets, all made for heating and pressing your clothes into perfect shape.

Reliable, easy-to-use, efficient clothes irons

Our high-performance clothes irons are easy-to-use, reliable and packed with features that make ironing even the stubbornest of garments a cinch.

Morphy Richards irons are a case in point. The brand has been at the forefront of home electrical appliances since 1936 and makes some of the top-performing clothes irons on the market. You’ll find their irons offer the latest features, including steam boosts and turbo steam shots to tackle tough creases, vertical steaming for hanging garments, and cordless options so you can iron without becoming wrapped up by a troublesome power cord.

Morphy Richards’s auto-shut off option is one of our favourite features too. No more worrying that you’ve left the iron on when you’re out and about!

Clothes steamers to do away with ironing boards

Clothes and garment steamers are a great alternative to irons and steamer irons.

Rather than laying clothes flat out on an ironing board, with clothes steamers you hang clothes and direct jets of hot steam over them to remove wrinkles and creases. Steamers for clothes are fast to use and are as effective as irons, but they can be more convenient too. When you’ve taken a top or trousers out of the wardrobe only to find an errant crease down the front of, a quick blast of hot steam from a clothes steamer can get rid of it without you having to set your ironing board up.

Hand irons and steamers for travel

Whether for work or pleasure, one of the frustrations of travel is keeping your clothes crease-free. We’re sure you’ve experienced the frustration of opening your travel bags to find your dress for the wedding, or your shirt for the day, looks like it’s been scrunched up in a ball rather than folded flat. And to make matters worse, the 400-room hotel you’re staying in only has two irons, and one of those is currently missing.

What are your options? You can’t bring your ironing board from home with you. So that leaves trying to steam your clothes in the bathroom with the shower on or pressing them flat under your mattress. Unless, of course, you brought a travel iron or a hand steamer with you.

Hand steamers, like this Fridja Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer, are compact, lightweight and easy to transport. Just plug it in, add water, and it’s ready to go in 45 seconds. Hang your dress or shirt in front of you and steam it smooth in minutes.

Alternatively, you can opt for a travel iron. This EazzyPress Quick Iron is small enough to fit in carry-on cases, but with its u-shaped, double sided heated plates (like hair straighteners), you can iron quickly and easily without an ironing board.

With our help, you can rid your home of daunting ironing piles or emerge from your hotel room with cleanly pressed clothes without the hassle. Whether you’re looking for an iron, a travel iron steamer, clothes steamers or a travel steamer, we’ve got the reliable, top-performing models you’re looking for.