4 Cut To Fit Boot Shapers – For Ankle, Calf and Knee-High Boots

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Shoe racks and shoe boxes

You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos (remember her?) to have a shoe collection that needs a shoe rack or three. The Philippines' former first lady had reputedly amassed 3,000 pairs, but even our own humble collections still take up more than their fair share of space. School shoes, trainers, football boots, work shoes, walking shoes, wellies, going-out shoes, slippers – add that little lot up for each member of the family and you’re dealing with a hefty amount of footwear – and it all needs storing somewhere. And we don’t mean piled up in your hallway posing a trip hazard every time you walk through the front door. Or thrown into cupboards and under the bed, with pairs becoming separated just when you need them. Fear not, help is at hand (or should we say foot?).

Shoe racks

If your footwear fancy is getting unmanageable but you can’t bear to get rid of a single pair, you’re going to love our extendable, stackable shoe racks. They come in wood-effect or steel to suit any décor and hold up to 10 pairs. Need more space for that pair you just couldn’t resist buying? Buy another shoe rack and stack it on top. Ideal for keeping footwear in check in a hallway or utility room (or boot room, if you’re lucky enough to have one), your shoes and boots may be on display, but at least they’ll be neat and tidy if you don’t have a shoe cabinet to hide them away in.

Boxing clever

You can make good use of the space at the bottom of your wardrobes and cupboards by storing your shoes neatly in durable plastic shoe boxes. Not only do they keep your shoes clean and dust-free (and in pairs), it’s easier to find the pair you need as the boxes are clear. And they’re stackable too, you’ll be glad to know, so you can pile ‘em high on a relatively small, ahem, footprint.

What about wellies?

Nobody wants mud and dirt traipsed through their house, do they? So when you come back from a hike or you’ve been working in the garden, take off your boots at the back door and pop them onto this durable boot tray. It’s large enough for three pairs of wellies or boots and because it’s made from polypropylene, it’s easy to clean the muck and mud off. It also has a deep rim so if your footwear is wet, you won’t get mucky water all over your floor.

Best foot forward

Everyone needs a couple of extra pairs of shoes for holidays, be they go-anywhere trainers, dress-up heels or beach-ready flip-flops, but they’re best stored in a separate bag rather than messing up the rest of the clothes in your suitcase, which is where our lightweight travel shoe bags come into their own. Don’t leave home without them.

With our range handy shoe stackers, boxes and racks and organisers, you can easily keep all your shoes and boots organised with ease.